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PCT Contextual and Holistic Mission

Social Justice and Social Welfare

As part of its mission witness the Presbyterian Church maintains a strong sense of social concern for the people in Taiwan and for the future of the nation.

During the dark era of Martial Law a number of Presbyterians, including a former General Secretary, Rev. Dr. C. M. Kao, were among those imprisoned by the KMT for the peaceful expression of their ideals and beliefs. In addition the Taiwanese Bible and two editions of the Taiwan Church News were confiscated (1977, 1987).

In the 1970s the Church took courage and became a “voice for the voiceless Taiwanese” and issued three critical public proclamations:

  • Public Statement on our National Fate (1971)
  • Our Appeal - Concerning the Bible, the Church and the Nation (1975)
  •  Declaration on Human Rights (1977)

The 1990s saw further statements:

  • Public Statement on the Sovereignty of Taiwan (199l)
  • The Anti-Nuclear Declaration (1992)
  • Concerning the Present Relationship between Taiwan and China (1993)

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With the lifting of Martial Law it is true Taiwan society changed dramatically still today democracy struggles to take root. The PCT continues to identify with this land, to share the aspirations of its people and to be in solidarity with them. Committed to pray and strive for justice, peace, integrity of creation, and the guarantee of full human rights in Taiwan as well as in the wider global community.

The other direction in which the PCT expresses its social concern to the often marginalized people is through the ministries of its social service and welfare agencies:

  • Fishermen's Service Centre
  • Aboriginal Community Development Centre
  • Taiwan Women's Development Association
  • Rainbow Project
  • Disabled People's Concern Centre
  • Labor and Migrant Workers Concern Centre
  • Disaster Relief and Reconstruction Centres