Confession of Faith
Our Land – beautiful island Formosa
Our People – ethnic and multicultural
Our History – context and pluralism
Our Isolation – identity and self determination
Our Christian roots and heritage
Interdenominational and multi-faith
PCT Contextual and Holistic Mission
Evangelism – past and present
Social Justice and Social Welfare
PCT Related Institutions
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Ecumenical and International Relations
PCT Administration
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PCT Programme Committees
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PCT Administration

PCT Programme Committees

  • Hakka Mission Committee
  • Pine Life (Senior Citizens) Ministry Committee
  • Indigenous Ministry Committee
  • Women's Ministry Committee
  • Gender Justice Committee
  • Mount Lebanon Camp
  • Youth Ministry Committee
  • William Sia Memorial Youth Camp
  • Higher Education Ministry Committee (Students)
  • Church Music Committee
  • Church History Committee
  • Education Ministry Committee
  • Sunday School Curriculum
  • Life Education Resource Centre
  • New Taiwanese Bible Translation
  • Evangelism Committee
  • General Assembly Ministers Committee
  • Church and Society Committee
  • Social Welfare Coordinating Committee
  • Ecumenical and International Relations Committee
  • Ministers in Service and Retirement Welfare Committee
  • Peace Foundation
  • Promote Taiwan's Mother Tongues Committee
  • Research and Development Centre
  • Information Centre
  • Faith and Order Committee
  • Theological Education Committee
  • Church Law Committee
  • Administration Management
  • Finance Committee
  • Mission Foundation