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Building an Independent Country with the Revolutionary New Eyes

Taiwan Church News
3546 Edition
February 10 – 16, 2020
Headline News

Building an Independent Country with the Revolutionary New Eyes

Reported by Chiu Kuo-rong

Through the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Taiyuan Revolution, many citizen groups, including Taiwan People News’ Culture & Art Foundation, Lee Teng-hui Association for Democracy, Dr. Chen Wen-chen Memorial Foundation, Taiwanese National Congress and etc, held a meeting on February 8th at People’s News’ Art & Cultural Foundation to discuss current Taiwan concerns, like the persisting marginalization of the Taiwan independence movement, how to build an independent Taiwan country with concrete steps and etc.

Taiyuan Revolution, occurred on February 8th 1970, was named after five pro-Taiwan-independence political prisoners-turned-martyrs, deliberately taking up weapons from jail to proceed a military revolution from Taiyuan prison in eastern Taiwan, but finally failed due to the military intervention from KMT regime.

Professor Ted Lau, chairman of Taiwanese National Congress and moderator of the meeting, remarked that the historical revolution was not necessarily resulted by military force.This simple truth was clearly witnessed in the fall down of the Soviet Union, he said, adding that the true revolution needed now is making Taiwan a country recognized via international laws.

Ms Chu Meng-yan, counselor of Lee Teng-hui Association for Democracy, questioned the silence of DPP administration toward these Taiyuan martyrs. Regarding the public’s conservative stance on this revolutionary event, “Can’t this period of history, sacrificing so many brave and innocent souls, be re-interpreted with brand new eyes?”, she asked.

Translated by Peter Wolfe

Submitted by:Taiwan Church Press
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