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Taiwan Society Urged To Stop Discrimination Against Sexual Minority And Terminate Sexual Violence Against Women And Girls 2017/05/2215
Lin Yi-hsiung Joins Hunger Strike Protest For DPP’s Delay Of Referendum Act Amendment 2017/05/2211
A Book Launch Of Wu-Han Grand Hotel To Seek Justice 2017/05/1418
Seeing The Great Commission, Tayal Presbytery To Set Up An Overseas Missionary Network 2017/05/1420
PCT 2017 Women Forum Empowers Women’s Consciousness On Gender Equality 2017/05/1425
Evangelist Tsai Yo-chuan, Taiwan Independence Guardian, Died At Age 67 2017/05/1424
Light Of Nan-Shih Presbyterian Church Prompts An Elementary School To Win Number 5 In National Juvenile Football Cup Reported by Chen Yi-fan 2017/05/1424
Rev Chen Ming-che Elected As PCT Moderator And Rev Abus Takisvilainan As The First Female Officer Of The 62nd PCT General Assembly 2017/05/0642
PCT Labor Center Stands By Migrant Workers On The Eve Of Workers’ Day 2017/05/0632
Amendment Of Referendum Act Urged Via A Relay of Hunger Strikes By People Rule Foundation 2017/05/0637
Elder People Of Happy Mount Colony Want Their Home Restored At Original Site 2017/05/0634
Ms Joy Margaret Randall Is Announced Recipient Of Lifetime Of Achievement By PCC’s Presbyterian Woman Of Faith Awards 2017/04/3036
1500 Taiwan Students Donate NT$ 200,000 For Syrian Children, As More Humanitarian Supports Are Needed 2017/04/3029
Taroko Aborigines Protest Against A 20-year-long Extension Of Mining Rights Granted To Asia Cement 2017/04/3028
Chien-Fong Presbyterian Church Commemorates Jesus’ Passion In A Taizé Worship 2017/04/3031
A Thanksgiving Service Held For Taiwan Society’s Strong Commitment To Rebuild The Inflicted Eastern Taiwan After Three Typhoons In 2016 2017/04/2484
New Eyes Television Lauches Her Mission Across Multi-Media Channels 2017/04/2482
YTCS Students Care For New Regulations Of Delineating Traditional Aboriginal Territory 2017/04/2481
A Re-Translation Project Of Aboriginal Bunun Bible Is To Be Finished Yet Finance Needed 2017/04/2479
A First-Ever Ecumenical Ministry Meeting Held By Central Bunun Presbytery For Sarawak’s Iban People And Northern Thailand’s Akkah People 2017/04/2478
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