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Let Us Turn Stink Drainage Ditch Into Living Water River 2015/01/1814
Vote Buying Has To Be Eradicated First On The Way To Taiwan Democracy, Says Tsai Ing-wen 2015/01/1425
Sign Language Church Supported By So-shan Presbytery Is Launched At Tainan 2015/01/1419
Taiwan's Draft Of Constitution Is Released By TAUP To Spur A Constitutional Reform 2015/01/1417
Farmers Protest Government's Unfair Policy Of Water Rationing 2015/01/1422
GOOD119 Church Share Foods With The Poor And Accommodate The Homeless 2015/01/0718
Do Not Forget Social Welfare Groups In Cold Winter 2015/01/0727
Rev. Tin Jyi-giokk, Pastor of Taiwan Society, Passed Away On December 11th 2014 2014/12/2628
For PCT's 150 Years Historical Service In Taiwan, Former President Lee Teng-hui Pays His Tribute And Hopes To Go Beyond 2014/12/2641
The Editorial: Taiwan The Formosa 2014/12/2629
Vinyl Records Of Tayal Aboriginal Hymnal To Be Digitized As CD 2014/12/1939
Dr John Ross Mackay Is Commemorated By An Inscribed Stele Inside Tamkang High School Campus 2014/12/1944
Editorial: It's Time To Release "Bian-vera"! 2014/12/1931
In A Centenary Seminar On Rev. Dr. Shoki Coe, Theological Scholars Delivers Their Methodological Thoughts About Identity And Reformation Within Contextualizing Confessional Churches 2014/12/1034
By A Street Drama, Taiwan's Credit Card Debt Slaves Urges Banks To Lower Interest 2014/12/0430
Looking For Taiwan's New Theological Voice In A Centenary Remembrance Seminar Of Rev. Dr. Shoki Coe 2014/12/0427
Taiwan Church Press And Tainan Theological College And Seminary Are Awarded Honor Of Distinguished Religious Organization 2014/11/2641
PCT, Local Residents And Civil Groups Protest Against Daan Matsu Cultural Park To Locate In Greater Taichung City 2014/11/1942
Common Taiwanese Bible Association Is Officially Launched! 2014/11/1945
PCT Pastor Rev. Wang Inn-hse Is Granted The 10th Kamalan Award 2014/11/1941
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