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Global Taiwan Students Relay Their Protest Against Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement(CSSTA) On March 30 2014/04/233
Editorial: Let The Spirit Of Voluntary Commitment Becomes Our Energy and Power 2014/04/233
Commemoration of Nylon, A Martyr For Taiwan Independence And Freedom 2014/04/234
CWM Held Retreat In Taiwan, Visiting PCT Church And Her Affiliated Institutes 2014/04/169
Ecumenical Churches Express Concern About Taiwan Sunflower Movement 2014/04/1611
Against Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement, Over 500,000 Occupy Katagalan Boulevard 2014/04/1611
Calling For Peace And Justice, PCT Condemns The State Violence 2014/04/0227
Condemn The State Violence Of Ma Ying-jeou Regime 2014/04/0229
New Translation Of Formosa Betrayed Is Published With Annotation 2014/03/2638
Love Your Neighbor As Yourself: A Memorial Service Held To Commemorate The 34th Anniversary Of Lin Family Murders 2014/03/2644
The 67th Anniversary Of 228 Massacre: We Can Forgive, But Would Never Forget 2014/03/1338
The Power Of Women Missionaries Move Taiwan Forward 2014/03/1338
Elder Tsai Wang Li-hwa Donated Her Land And House in Taitung For PCT's Youth Ministry 2014/03/0636
An Expository Handbook For PCT's Confession Of Faith Is Published 2014/02/2641
PCT General Secretary Takes Care and Concern About The Retired Ministers 2014/02/2641
Main Theme As "Line of Light - Would Add God As Your Good Friend?", A Sunny Juvenile Winter Camp Kicks Off! 2014/02/1947
Church Youth Are Recruited To Join The Ecumenical Movement 2014/02/1941
Micro-Adjustment Of Course Outlines For High School In The Fields Of Language And Society Stirs Waves Of Protests 2014/02/1936
Editorial: Here am I. Send me! 2014/02/1934
Eye-Catching Paintings To Support Hakka Mission Ministry 2014/02/0553
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