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PCT Pastors Comfort Those Injured And Victims Family In Yilan Derailment 2018/11/124
Taiwan Seminar Urging Filing Lawsuit To Help #ChurchToo Survivor 2018/11/124
PCT And 50 Civil Rights Groups Oppose Religious Basic Act 2018/11/125
PCT Visits US State Department Officials To Express Concerns On China’s Bully And Fake News Attack Against Taiwan 2018/11/0513
Ms Chen Shu-chu Gives All Her Insurance Benefit To The Needy In Taitung 2018/10/2914
Medical Team Of MacKay Memorial Hospital Sent To Kiribati To Serve Local Community 2018/10/2914
A PCT Statement Urging Taiwan Referendum Act Amended For Taiwan Independence Poll 2018/10/2916
SFSC To Host ICMA World Conference 2019 And Its 50th Anniversary At Kaohsiung 2018/10/2230
In A Statement Of “Jump! Youth”, Youth Rights Alliance Celebrates Her 15th Anniversary Via An Exhibition 2018/10/2218
Taiwan Churches Hold Sport Games To Experience And Witness The Communion 2018/10/2219
Christianity Studies Think Tank Unveiled To Root Christian Faith Deeper Into Taiwan Culture 2018/10/1543
An Unprecedented Five Years’ Study Of Taiwan Rural Change After WWII To Be Launched 2018/10/1538
Ng Chiau-Tong Memorial Park Unveiled In His Home Town, Chi-Ku of Tainan 2018/10/0822
Taiwan’s Marine Power And Nash Equilibrium Diplomacy Should Not Be Overlooked 2018/10/0831
Local Church Members Introduced To Patient Right To Autonomy Act In Taiwan 2018/10/0125
Refurnished Church Wall Becomes A Shining Beacon In Community 2018/10/0126
Non-Violence Resistance: Gene Sharp’s Legacy For The Oppressed 2018/10/0125
Taiwan Fishing Industry And Government Urged To Comply ILO C188 On Seaworthiness And Human Rights 2018/10/0122
Joint Ministry Of Good Friend Mission And Local Church Gives Great Gifts To Juvenile Youth 2018/10/0117
Carpenters Wanted In Devastated Japan Hit By Prapiroon Typhoon In Early July 2018/09/1919
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