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Hsinchu MacKay Memorial Hospital Officially Launched From 1 January 2017 2017/01/162
Let's Face The Post-Truth Era With Rationality, Thought, And Dialogue 2017/01/161
Insufficient Care Worker: A Big Concern Of Taiwan's Long-Term Care Program 2.0 2017/01/0916
Citizen Groups Of Taiwan Social Movement Celebrate New Year 2017 On Taipei Streets 2017/01/0917
The Past Is Never Simply The Past - The Second Speech Of Mr Martin Eberts On Transitional Justice In Germany 2016/12/3123
PCT Pays Condolence To The Families Of The Victims In Taoyuan Scaffolding Collapse And Urges More Pastoral Ministries For Urban Aborigines 2016/12/3124
Rev Omi Wilang: A Huge Gap Exists Between President's Tsai Aboriginal Policy And Its Execution 2016/12/3124
Carnival Parade Held At Taichung On 2016 Human Rights Day 2016/12/2630
Council Of Indigenous Peoples Held International Conference On Taiwan's Aboriginal Policy 2016/12/2634
Taiwan Urged To Step Up On Carbon Reduction And Energy Renewal 2016/12/1945
Dr Albert Lin, Pushing Hands Behind Love And Non-Violence Movement, To Publish An Oral History On URM And His Faith Journey 2016/12/1953
Dear Immigrant Friends, Thank You So Much For Your Good Jobs Done For Taiwan! 2016/12/1948
A Centennial Memorial Service Held For Rev Dr William Shia 2016/12/1251
PCT To Respond Equal Marriage Act In Four Local Meetings 2016/12/1232
PCT Urges Members To Care About AIDS Patients, The Disabled, And Human Rights In Thanksgiving Season 2016/12/1233
"Please Open Eyes To The Desperate Situations Of The Needy After Nepartak Typhoon!" 2016/12/0548
Nuclear Medicine Unveiled in Taitung Branch Of MacKay Memorial Hospital 2016/12/0549
Over Tens of Thousands People Demonstrate Against Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage 2016/12/0551
Eminent Religious Academics Stand Up For Same Sex Marriage 2016/12/0547
Salvation In Wildness: How To Reconcile The Conflict Between Animal Protection And Aboriginal Hunting? 2016/12/0543
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