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PCT, Local Residents And Civil Groups Protest Against Daan Matsu Cultural Park To Locate In Greater Taichung City 2014/11/197
Common Taiwanese Bible Association Is Officially Launched! 2014/11/195
PCT Pastor Rev. Wang Inn-hse Is Granted The 10th Kamalan Award 2014/11/195
"Restore The Names Of Our Lands! Shame On Any Political Persecution From The Government!", ATIPP and Aboriginal Groups Protest Against Taiwan's National Police Agency Ministry 2014/11/197
Why Celebrate Taiwan Retrocession Day On October 25? The Indigenous Protest Their Lands Annexed And Their Histories Wiped Out Beginning From This Shameful Day 2014/11/1211
Let Kaurna and Siraya Be Spoken! A Seminar On The Language Revitalization Of The Australian Aboriginal Kuarna Language Is Kicked Off To Share Experiences With Taiwan's Aboriginal Tribe 2014/11/129
PCT, Local Residents And Civil Groups Protest Against Daan Matsu Cultural Park To Locate In Greater Taichung City 2014/11/1210
Taiwan: Whose Country? Whose History? - Two Giant Taiwanese Historians Are Remembered For Their Outstanding Achievement And Passion To Build Up A Taiwanese Subject With Historical Visions 2014/11/0515
The Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, CTOT, Asks PCT To Help Organize The Expo of "Mackay House" From December to Next January In Taiwan's Aletheia University 2014/11/0517
Promoting Grass Root Civil Rights Movement, PCT Holds Training Camp To Learn What Is Love And Non-Violence During Protest 2014/11/0513
A Wonderful Reunion Of PCT And PC(USA) After A Decade, Reaching An MoU On Mission And Ministry 2014/10/2920
Rev. John And Gwenyth Haspels, PC(USA) Missionary Couple, Attacked By Armed Bandit In Ethiopian Mission Ministry 2014/10/2916
Against Vote Buying: Don't Sell Out Our Children For Money 2014/10/2915
Taiwan Society Blockade Ting Hsin International Group In An Fury About Adulterated Cooking Oil Scandal 2014/10/2224
PCT Carry On To Care For The Victims Of Kaohsiung Big Blast on August 1st 2014/10/1527
Taiwan Supports Hong Kong's Occupy Central Movement For Substantial Universal Suffrage and Real Democracy 2014/10/1533
Fr. Anselm Grün Shows Up In HK Occupy Central, Saying Church Is Salt Not Butter! 2014/10/1532
People Win The Scottish Independence Referendum 2014/10/0646
PCT Pays Homage To The Scottish Independence Referendum 2014/10/0638
Preparations For PCT 150th Anniversary Are Geared Up 2014/09/2935
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