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Pazeh Plain Aborigines Celebrate New Year With Thanks-giving Harvest Festival And Traditional Sport Competition 2016/11/2814
A Memoirs Of Dr Chen Tang-shan Is Launched 2016/11/2815
PCT's Repair And Maintenance Volunteer Groups Are Confirmed In Typhoon-Traumatized Eastern Taiwan 2016/11/2124
Pastors Of Tainan Presbytery And Tainan Christianity Association Take Actions To Oppose Legalization Of Marriage Equality Act 2016/11/2121
President Tsai Ing-wen Is Blessed And Prayed For Wisdom In National Prayer Breakfast 2016/11/2116
Siraya Church Alliance Celebrates The 389th Anniversary of Christian Mission In Taiwan 2016/11/2119
Tao Aborigines Of Orchid Island Urge Legislation Of Nuclear Waste Processing And Compensation 2016/11/1429
Tayal Aborigine Want Government To Return Their Reservation Lands Along Skaru River 2016/11/1424
Gender Justice Honored By PCT At The First Sunday Of Annual November 2016/11/1420
The Reformation As A Process Of Contextualization In Essence 2016/11/1424
Semper Reformanda ! Remember The Reformation 2016/11/0831
Taiwan Retrocession Day, October 25, A Day Of Celebration Or A Day Of Catastrophe? 2016/11/0827
Lin And Chen Dominate Aboriginal Surnames, A Historical Mishap Says Lawmaker 2016/11/0828
Aboriginal Bunun Hunter Tama Talum Is Petitioned For An Inmediate Amnesty 2016/11/0822
A Grand Parade For Tainan Peace Day On 20 October 1895 2016/10/3135
Speaking For The Voiceless Is The Responsibility Of The Church, Says Prof Wolfgang Huber 2016/10/3130
PCT Supports Taiwan Aboriginal Peoples Recovering Their Rights And Autonomy 2016/10/3145
A Big Win For The Second Anti-Casino Referendum In Penghu Islands 2016/10/2535
Commemorating Reformation 500, Taiwan Catholic Church And PCT Hold A Communion Service 2016/10/2537
Countering Hegemonic Globalization, Ministry Of Bible Translation Speaks Out For Minorities And Marginalized 2016/10/2529
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