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Caring For Vulnerably Low-Paid Families Via Cycling Around Taiwan 2018/01/214
Taichung Prison Fellowship Send Christmas Gifts To Children Of Inmates 2018/01/214
Mass Rally Agianst Air Pollution Held In Taichung And Kaohsiung 2018/01/1510
Beimenyu Chuch Installs Solar Panel To Save Cost And Care Environment 2018/01/159
PCT’s Sunday School Textbooks Praised Innovatively Contextualized By Episcopal Church Teachers From Eastern Malaysia 2018/01/159
Passed Is The Act On Promoting Transitional Justice 2018/01/0843
A Book Launch Of Dr Albert Lin’s Autobiography, Thanksgiving, Perseverance And The Path Of Taiwan Independence 2018/01/0816
Book Launch On Transitional Justice Commemorating The 70th Anniversary Of 228 Massacre 2018/01/0121
A Kernel Of Wheat Foundation Unveils A Catering Service To Elder In Eastern Taiwan 2018/01/0117
NCCT Members Visit Pope Francis In Rome 2018/01/0117
Passed Is The Act On Promoting Transitional Justice 2018/01/0125
Taiwanese Plains Aborigines Urge Status Law Amended To Restore Legal Identity 2017/12/2426
Chiayi Presbytery, YMCA And Tourism Association Send 70,000 Vegetable Seedlings To Tsou Aboriginal Community 2017/12/2422
Reconciliation In Thanksgiving: Hospital Name Plaque Returned To 228 Massacre Victim 2017/12/2420
Rev Colin Cowan Calls Ecumenical Youth To Serve And Act In CWM-TIM Graduation Ceremony 2017/12/2422
Kam-goãn Chó Gông-lâng, Dare To Be A Fool Boasting About The Cross 2017/12/1135
Ciao-Tou Church & Mai-Liao Center Of Hope Launched To Serve More People At Distant Villages 2017/12/1134
Singing God’s Joy And Peace In The Streets 2017/12/1131
Korean Evangelical Church Visits PCT General Assembly Office For Ministry Cooperation 2017/12/0235
A Theological Reflection Of PCT’s Human Rights Declaration At Its Fortieth Anniversary 2017/12/0232
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