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PCT And Fishery Radio Station Jointly Launch New Radio Program For Migrant Fishermen 2017/09/224
PCT One-Leads-One Movement Focuses On Long-Term Care Policy 2017/09/224
Make Taiwan No More Be Conquered 2017/09/224
A Skin-Graft With Love: God’s Boundless Love Witnessed In Medical Ministries Of Dr David Landsborough, His Families And Likewise Brave Missionaries 2017/09/177
Rev Ang Siu-kiong, Key Drafter of PCT’s A Declaration On Human Rights, Dies At 90 2017/09/178
PC(USA) Pastors And Their Families Are Warmly Welcomed By PCT 2017/09/1711
2017 Universiade Escorted By Taiwan Churches 2017/09/11127
147 Taiwan NGO Groups Pledge To Rescue Li Ming-che Abducted By China 2017/09/11145
A Declaration On Human Rights By PCT, 40 Years Ago, Still Stands Firm As An Audacious Guardian For Taiwan 2017/08/28206
Presidential Office Indigenous Historical Justice And Transitional Justice Committee Criticized As Empty 2017/08/21299
Pledging To Remove Nuclear Wastes, Dao Indigenous People To Erect 400 Anti-Nuke Flags Around Orchid Island 2017/08/21256
In Memory Of Dai Lin 2017/08/14278
PCT Holds An Sustainable And Ecological Development Seminar For Aboriginal People 2017/08/14177
Professor Richard Bauckham Shares His Thoughts On Stewardship In God’s Creation 2017/08/14202
Rev Peter Bush, Rev Paul McLean And Their Spouses Visit PCT General Assembly Office 2017/08/04222
Sworn In A New Round Of Secretariates Of PCT General Assembly Office 2017/08/04211
Remembering Liu Xiaobo 2017/08/04161
The Story Of A Declaration On Human Rights By PCT To Be Broadcast In August To Commemorate Its 40th Anniversary 2017/07/31213
Drekay Bible Is Launched After Three Decades Of Bible Translation Ministries 2017/07/31196
Launches A New Book On KMT’s Confiscation Of Oah-Loh Magazine And Taiwan Church News In February 1987 2017/07/31100
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