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Commemorating Nylon Cheng, Tsai Ing-wen Promises A National Freedom Of Speech Day 2016/05/263
Proposing Women Leadership, Asian Fellowship Of Mission 21 Partners Convenes At YSTCS 2016/05/264
Running For Jesus, Seediq Abriginal Youth Encouraged To Serve The Tribe In Challenges 2016/05/264
Dr William Sia, Taiwan's Albert Schweitzer, Is Commemorated At His Centenary Birthday 2016/05/265
Visions In A Jubilant PCT150 2016/05/1627
Commemorating Nylon Cheng, Tsai Ing-wen Promises A National Freedom Of Speech Day 2016/05/1632
The 61st PCT Annual Meeting Makes A Perfect Ending 2016/05/0932
A Citizen Dialogue Between Aboriginal Independence And Taiwan Independence: Better To Be True Friends Rather Than Feignd Families! 2016/05/0933
Yong-kang Grace Home Church Furnishes Her "Sister House" To Accommodate More Female Homeless 2016/05/0932
Fighting Climate Change, "Taiwan Statement" Issued By INMIP To Treasure Indigenous Economy And Eco-system 2016/05/0264
Prof Gerald West Lectures On Contextual Bible Study For Minority Groups 2016/05/0235
Editorial: Let A Micro-Reformation Come! 2016/05/0225
PCT Pledges To Support Indigenous Mission In Urban Taiwan 2016/04/2537
Editorial: Take The Easy Road Or The Hard One? 2016/04/2536
PCT Commemorates Jesus Christ's Salvation In The Holy Week 2016/04/1855
Political Archives Act, A Key To Start Transitional Justice For Taiwan's White Terror In 1950s 2016/04/1856
Farewell Nuclear Power And Facing Nuclear Waste 2016/04/1259
A PCT Southern Synod Launched In Disputes 2016/04/1258
Theology = Learning About God Training In Spirituality 2016/04/1254
Tân Tì-hiông, First Martyr For Taiwan Independence, Is Honored At His Centenary Remembrance 2016/04/1255
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