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Taiwan Society Blockade Ting Hsin International Group In An Fury About Adulterated Cooking Oil Scandal 2014/10/224
PCT Carry On To Care For The Victims Of Kaohsiung Big Blast on August 1st 2014/10/1515
Taiwan Supports Hong Kong's Occupy Central Movement For Substantial Universal Suffrage and Real Democracy 2014/10/1518
Fr. Anselm Grün Shows Up In HK Occupy Central, Saying Church Is Salt Not Butter! 2014/10/1519
People Win The Scottish Independence Referendum 2014/10/0636
PCT Pays Homage To The Scottish Independence Referendum 2014/10/0631
Preparations For PCT 150th Anniversary Are Geared Up 2014/09/2931
PCT One-Leads-One Evangelical Movement Focuses On Youth Evangelicalism 2014/09/1737
Kathleen E. M. Moody, A Pioneering Musician For Taiwan Church Musics, Is Commemorated By PCT 2014/09/1047
Faith And Witness Of Christian Missionaries And Urban Aboriginal Exhibited At The Migration Stories in Taiwan 2014/09/1038
Jubilance Singers And Orchestra Brings Peace And Good News To Traumatic Taiwan In August 2014/09/0343
Let Us Wake Up From The Myth Of Economic Development After Kaohsiung Big Blast 2014/08/27892
Cross-religious Ceremonies Hold For The Victims of Peng-hu Airplane Crash and Kaohsiung Big Blast 2014/08/2747
A PCT Observation Group For The Scottish Independence Referendum Is Ready To Launch 2014/08/2748
Editorial: A New And Independent Country Without Racist Chauvinism 2014/08/2053
PCT Responds To Kaohsiung Big Blast With Care and Shelter 2014/08/2053
Let Us Wake Up From The Myth Of Economic Development After Kaohsiung Big Blast 2014/08/2040
PCT Has To Be Cautious About China's Religious United Front Work, Scholar Warns 2014/08/0858
Taiwan Churches Concern Victims And Their Families Of Plane Crash On Penghu Island 2014/08/0860
PCT Members Mobilized To Reach Out And Give Intercession For The Victims Of Kaohsiung Big Blast 2014/08/0859
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