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Rev. Thomas Barclay, Mrs Margaret Barnett And Ms Jane A. Llyod Are Commemorated In A Tomb-Sweeping Service By Church Members And High School Girls In Tradition Uniforms 2016/10/174
Prof Wolfgang Huber Starts His Itinerary Theological Lectures In Taiwan For Reformation 500 2016/10/176
Demonstrators Of Anti-Forced-Eviction March On Ketagalan Boulevard 2016/10/118
Winners Of The Third Taiwan Literature Awards For Migrants Are Announced With A Book Launch 2016/10/0318
Mackay Memorial Hospital Signs A Historical MoU With The University of Edinburgh 2016/10/0314
Against Exploitation, Migrant Workers Law Reform Is Urged To Pass 2016/10/0312
Refusing To Pay A Fine For Civil Disobedience, Professor Tsay Ting-kuei Goes To Jail With The Bible 2016/10/0314
After Typhoon Meranti Swept Across Taiwan, Let Us Rebuild, Concern And Pray For The Devastated Churches 2016/09/2724
To Build Up Fellowship And Care For Community, Basketball Game As A Media Uniting Aboriginal Youth 2016/09/1929
Tominun Utof! God Is Knitting Launches A Second Printing 2016/09/1931
Aboriginal Wang-shiang Church Endeavors In Direct-Marketing Of Tribal Produces As A Ministry For Their Own Tribal People 2016/09/1228
Tangidrakakalane! Churches Of Aboriginal Rukai Pledge To Stand Up And Go Beyond Morakot Devastation 2016/09/1230
Rev. Chow Lien-hwa, A Peace Maker For Taiwan Church And Society, Dies At 96 2016/09/1232
Sbalay! President Tsai Ing-wen Apologizes To The Aboriginal 2016/09/0533
Commemorating Reform 500 In Taiwan, EKD And PCT Jointly To Hold A Series Of Itinerary Lectures On Reformation And Human Rights 2016/09/0538
Starting From Nothing, Nan-pao Church Celebrates Her One-Year-Old Birthday With First Fruit 2016/09/0515
Spiritual Destitute Begets Greed; Greed Begets Affliction 2016/08/2934
From A Vivid Sketch On Paper To An Incarnated Cultural Life In Action 2016/08/2247
PCT Holds Seminars On Aboriginal Transitional Justice 2016/08/2245
PCT And MMH Commit To Stand By Taitung After A Ravage By Typhoon Nepartak 2016/08/1552
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