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A Delayed Justice Finally Came For The Families Of Foreign Victims In 228 Massacre 2017/03/2017
Be Imitators Of Rev George Leslie MacKay As He Is Of Christ 2017/03/2015
World Vision Urges Taiwan To End Violence Against Children 2017/03/2015
Germany's Political Culture, Transitional Justice And Energy Policy Observed In A Taiwan Reporter's New Book: Die Macht in der Mitte Europas 2017/03/2015
A National Parade Asking Government To Speed Up At Closing Nuclear Power Plants Is To Launch Across Taiwan On March 11 2017/03/1330
Taiwan's First 228 Monument Engraved With God's Words And Buried Deep With The Bible Due To Re-locate 2017/03/1324
PCT Urges Taiwan Government To Speed Up Transitional Justice And Cast A New Constitution 2017/03/0631
Historical Truth Of 228 Massacre Wanted! A Parade Held For The 70th Anniversary Of 228 Massacre Event 2017/03/0636
Speak Out The Prophetic Voice And Fight For The Marginalized - "International Forum on the Mission of the Church In Taiwan Today" Launched In Mid-February By PCT 2017/02/2460
Rev Dr Collin Cowan, General Secretary Of CWM, Challenges PCT To Speak Out For The Marginalized Without Voice 2017/02/2443
The Event Of "Cycling For A Free Tibet" Launched In Taiwan 2017/02/2062
Changhua Coastal Wetland Urged To Be Legalized As A Ecological Conservation Zone 2017/02/2070
Goods Bank Refreshingly Opened In Chia-yi City To Help The Needy 2017/02/2042
PCT Leaders Invited To Attend National Prayer Breakfast Of USA 2017/02/2039
PCT Prepares To Deliver A Statement On The 70th Anniversary Of 228 Massacre Event 2017/02/1338
Tsai Administration's Constitutional Reform Suspected As Empty Words 2017/02/1339
"How Biblical Interpretation Started The Reformation?", A Seminar Attracted Full-Seated Audience At Kaohsiung's Sin Pink Pier 2017/02/1343
PCT Ponders To Join Taiwan Government's Long-Term Care Network 2017/02/0657
Fundraising Concert Raises NT$ 1.8 Million For Yu-Shan Theological College And Seminary(YSTCS) 2017/02/0663
Tang De-Jhang: A Story Of Justice And Courage That We Should Never Forget 2017/01/2368
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