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TSCM Attracts Record-High Hong Kong Students To Care About The People And The Land Jointly 2015/08/1157
Commemorating PCT 150, PCT Joins The Movement Of Taiwan Coastal Cleanup 2015/08/1157
How Can We The Aboriginal Keep Silent? 2015/08/1169
Tan Ting-pho Is Back 2015/08/05101
Celebrating PCT 150, Kiau Church Pledges To Bring The Blessings To Her Community 2015/08/0583
Students Broke Into MOE Compound, Demanding Illegal Curriculum Guidelines Be Taken Down 2015/08/0534
As Monsoon Comes, PCT Plans To Help Nepal Quake Victims With Technology And Medicare 2015/07/2951
Supported By Business Corporations, Students Of Happy Mount Colony Show Their Talents 2015/07/2951
Though Short Of Fund, An Early Intervention & Inclusive Education Center Is Started At Tainan 2015/07/2941
Celebrating PCT 150, Kiau Church Pledges To Bring The Blessings To Her Community 2015/07/2949
YSTCS Students Sent To Cambodia And Myanmar To Care For Our Asia-Pacific Neighbors 2015/07/2260
PCT Volunteers For 311 Earthquake Reconstruction Are Launched 2015/07/2258
PCT Issues Pastoral Letter To Care For Victims Of Water Park Inferno 2015/07/2264
Thinking Things Expected And Unexpected From The Tragedy Of Water Park Inferno 2015/07/2255
Water Park Inferno: MacKay Memorial Hospital Pledges To Rescue With Full Strength And Urges Prayer For The Victims 2015/07/1570
PCT Humanitarian Rescue Task Force Starts To Operate 2015/07/1560
The Truth Will Make Us Free 2015/07/1560
Wind Turbines Were Opposed By Miaoli's Local People Due To An Insufficient Setback Between Wind Turbines And Homes 2015/07/1560
Writing Against Oppression Of Human Rights, Winners Of Free Tibet Literary Award Are Announced 2015/07/0870
Berliner Missionwerk Blocked To Visit Taiwan For PCT 150 2015/07/0861
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