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An Itinerant Pastoral Ministry From a Fleet of Cyclist Pastors 2020/05/1211
Critical is the Content for Preaching the Gospel Online 2020/05/0512
How the Bible Says about the Communion, if Broadcast Online? 2020/04/3019
Fighting a Potential Coronavirus Outbreak, SFSC Cares Migrant Fishermen with Masks and Hygiene Methods 2020/04/3019
Seminar on “Reading the Bible with New Eyes” Held by Payuan Presbytery 2020/04/1431
Heng Chun Christian Hospital Delivers Mobile Service of Bathing-At-Home 2020/04/1423
How PCT Responds to the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020/04/0643
Never Forget the Call of Justice From 228 Massacre 2020/03/1432
Say NO To China – A Message of Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential Election 2020/03/0340
Building an Independent Country with the Revolutionary New Eyes 2020/03/0338
PCT Pastor Stands Up Against China’s Annexation Claim In CCA 2019/12/30122
Book of HK’s Lennon Wall Launched to Raise Awareness 2019/12/30104
Historical Site Established to Proclaim Human Rights and Transitional Justice 2019/12/30125
Dr Olav Bjørgaas Remembered for His Compassionate Medical Service in Taiwan 2019/12/18106
Arise! Be Awake to Reconcile, Renew and Restore the Creation 2019/12/11189
A Centennial Thanksgiving of The Chinese Union Version of the Bible 2019/11/28364
Taiwan Government Urged To Restore Siraya Identity Missing For Almost Four Centuries 2019/11/28194
Rev Kao Chun-ming Remembered In His Passion For Taiwan 2019/11/28279
ICMA World Conference 2019 – “So Much Better, Together” 2019/11/06408
“Taiwan is Taiwan” Touted in PCT’s Campaign for TEF Consensus 2019/10/28171
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