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A Thanksgiving Service Held For Taiwan Society’s Strong Commitment To Rebuild The Inflicted Eastern Taiwan After Three Typhoons In 2016 2017/04/245
New Eyes Television Lauches Her Mission Across Multi-Media Channels 2017/04/245
YTCS Students Care For New Regulations Of Delineating Traditional Aboriginal Territory 2017/04/245
A Re-Translation Project Of Aboriginal Bunun Bible Is To Be Finished Yet Finance Needed 2017/04/245
A First-Ever Ecumenical Ministry Meeting Held By Central Bunun Presbytery For Sarawak’s Iban People And Northern Thailand’s Akkah People 2017/04/244
Oah-Lō Magazine Resurrects Three Decades After Its Violent Confiscation 2017/04/1615
Taiwan’s Freedom Of Expression Day Launched On 7 April 2017 2017/04/1610
China’s Arbitrary Detention Of A Taiwanese NGO Human Rights Worker – Mr Lee Ming-che – Causes A Big Furore In Taiwan Society 2017/04/1611
YTCS Students Care For New Regulations Of Delineating Traditional Aboriginal Territory 2017/04/1017
On World Water Day, Environmental Groups Call Taiwan Government To Do The Sustainable Management Of Water Resources 2017/04/1023
Ministry For Prevention Of Drug Abuse Is Urged By Pingtung Presbytery 2017/04/1022
Many Proposals Are Passed In The 6th Executive Committee of the 61st Round Of PCT General Assembly 2017/04/1017
Protesting Government's New Demarcation Law Of Aborigine's Traditional Area, Taiwan Aborigines Want Their Land Back 2017/03/3029
Groundbreaking For Both Shoki Coe Memorial Library And PCT Historical Archive Museum In TTCS 2017/03/3027
A Delayed Justice Finally Came For The Families Of Foreign Victims In 228 Massacre 2017/03/2057
Be Imitators Of Rev George Leslie MacKay As He Is Of Christ 2017/03/2054
World Vision Urges Taiwan To End Violence Against Children 2017/03/2048
Germany's Political Culture, Transitional Justice And Energy Policy Observed In A Taiwan Reporter's New Book: Die Macht in der Mitte Europas 2017/03/2041
A National Parade Asking Government To Speed Up At Closing Nuclear Power Plants Is To Launch Across Taiwan On March 11 2017/03/1346
Taiwan's First 228 Monument Engraved With God's Words And Buried Deep With The Bible Due To Re-locate 2017/03/1339
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