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Light Up Our Evangelical Passion And Do Not Forget Our Brothers And Sisters In Social Bottom 2017/11/181
Shin-Wen Church Commits To Restore Coastal Zone At Hou-Mei Community 2017/11/184
Heavy Coat, Jacket And Trousers Needed For Migrant Sailor And Fishermen In Taiwan 2017/11/182
Civilian Group And Lawmakers Say For An Imminent Casino Referendum In Kinmen 2017/11/0213
Making Taiwan Unconquerable By Civilian-Based Defense 2017/11/0211
PCT Leaders Attend The 13th Of WATCC General Assembly At Argentina 2017/11/0211
PCT Hua-Lien Aboriginal Student Center Launches A Rebuilding Project Supported By ASPM 2017/10/2018
Paying Tribute To A Great Taiwan Historian, The Complete Works of Prof Chang Yen-hsien Is Launched 2017/10/2023
Taiwan’s National Prayer Meeting Blesses President Tsai Ing-wen A United Country 2017/10/2018
Japan’s Kirisuto Kyodai Dan Church Visits PCT’s Versatile Churches And Dynamic Ministries 2017/10/2020
Rev Dr Thomas Barclay’s Vision And Legacy Still Remembered On His 83rd Anniversary Memorial Service 2017/10/2025
China! Free Li – Words Spelled Out By Hundreds Of Persons In Taiwan 2017/09/3031
Rev Che Hsiu-fen Ordained As PCT Missionary To Serve Taiwanese Students At London 2017/09/3025
MacKay Memorial Hospital Pledges An Upgraded Medicare Support In Remote Areas 2017/09/3030
PCT And Fishery Radio Station Jointly Launch New Radio Program For Migrant Fishermen 2017/09/2232
PCT One-Leads-One Movement Focuses On Long-Term Care Policy 2017/09/2229
Make Taiwan No More Be Conquered 2017/09/2228
A Skin-Graft With Love: God’s Boundless Love Witnessed In Medical Ministries Of Dr David Landsborough, His Families And Likewise Brave Missionaries 2017/09/1730
Rev Ang Siu-kiong, Key Drafter of PCT’s A Declaration On Human Rights, Dies At 90 2017/09/1724
PC(USA) Pastors And Their Families Are Warmly Welcomed By PCT 2017/09/1724
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