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Guitars Donated to Care Migrant Sailors amid Duty Off 2021/01/253
Rev Lyim is Recovering Well and Let’s Keep Praying for Him 2021/01/188
Taiwanese Missionaries Share Thanksgiving Online at Christmas 2021/01/1220
Lu-Chou Church Shares Good News in Christmas Season 2020/12/2834
CJCU Holds Seminar on ‘Empire and Kingdom of God’ 2020/12/1437
Copy the Bible to Renew the Strength 2020/09/26131
PCT Protests China’s Oppression of Inner Mongolia’s Language and Culture 2020/09/26152
Lee Teng-hui, Remembered as Hero of Taiwan Democracy 2020/08/16174
Indigenous Tayal People Protest Building Temple on Their Land 2020/07/27183
Ka Caw Remembered as Guardian of Talampo Community 2020/07/21197
Cooking Sticky Rice Dumplings as a Cure of Homesick 2020/07/13123
Ngudradrekai Women Pray for Zimbabwe 2020/06/29131
A Light in Darkness as Causeway Bookstore Re-opened in Taiwan 2020/06/10137
An Itinerant Pastoral Ministry From a Fleet of Cyclist Pastors 2020/05/12173
Critical is the Content for Preaching the Gospel Online 2020/05/05169
How the Bible Says about the Communion, if Broadcast Online? 2020/04/30182
Fighting a Potential Coronavirus Outbreak, SFSC Cares Migrant Fishermen with Masks and Hygiene Methods 2020/04/30179
Seminar on “Reading the Bible with New Eyes” Held by Payuan Presbytery 2020/04/14160
Heng Chun Christian Hospital Delivers Mobile Service of Bathing-At-Home 2020/04/14151
How PCT Responds to the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020/04/06230
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