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Taizé Weekend Meeting Held To Promote Cross-Denomination's Unity And Communion 2015/04/2814
Editorial: Foolish Children Are A Greif To Their Father, But A Wise Child Makes A Glad Father 2015/04/2815
15,000 People Celebrate The 150th Anniversary Of PCT's Mission In Taiwan 2015/04/2230
Micro-insurance Is Launched In Taoyuan City To Protect Urban Aboriginal Workers From Occupational Injuries At Site 2015/04/2226
Editorial: The Mission Of Mass Media Needs New Perspective 2015/04/2225
PCT Youth Front Urges PCT General Assembly To Scrape Anti-LGBT Resolution 2015/04/2223
Remembering Missionary Ms Kathleen Moody, A Multiflora Rose Tree Is Planted In Front Of TTCS Chapel 2015/04/1563
WCC Expects A Relationship Of Mutual Respect And Peaceful Co-existence Between Taiwan And China 2015/04/1547
15,000 People Celebrate The 150th Anniversary Of PCT's Mission In Taiwan 2015/04/1551
Taiwanese Church In South America Fly Across The Pacific To Celebrate The 150th Anniversary Of PCT's Mission In Taiwan 2015/04/0863
The Only Way To Resurrection 2015/04/0877
Inter-Presbytery Ministry Conference Is Held Discussing PCT's Past, Present And Future 2015/04/0862
Delayed Development Children And Their Parents Parade In Easter To Proclaim Jesus' Resurrection 2015/04/0861
Bid Farewell To Nuclear Power, People Assembly Across Taiwan Urging Renewable Energy Technology 2015/04/0179
Tokyo Taiwan Church Celebrates Her 90th Anniversary With Guests From PCT, UCCJ And Neighbors 2015/04/0162
Taiwanese People Rally And March Around Legislative Yuan Seven Times To Mark Sunflower Movement Anniversary 2015/04/0166
Taiwan Oppose China's Unilateral Implementation Of M503 Flight Route 2015/03/2594
"Surf Comes To Pound Our Coast", A Taiwanese Folk Opera About Dr. McKay Are Launched An Itinerant Performance 2015/03/2563
Taiwan's Rachmaninoff, Prof. Siau Thâi-jiân, Passed Away On February 24th 2015 2015/03/1869
The 68th Anniversary Of 228 Massacre Is Commemorated Across Taiwan 2015/03/1868
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