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Nan Kang Good119 Church Granted An Automated External Defibrillator For Heart Attack Emergency 2017/06/1922
The Disabled Attend International Dragon Boat Competition At Tainan Canal 2017/06/1927
The Council Of Grand Justices Rules Restrictions Unconstitutional On Same-Sex Marriage 2017/06/1920
The Church Of Christ In Thailand Visits PCT General Assembly Office 2017/06/1922
Ligang Presbyterian Church Celebrates 150th Anniversary Of Mission 2017/06/1228
Invited By Berliner Missionswerk, PCT Delegates Attend Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag 2017 2017/06/1231
Amnesty International, TAHR And NGO Urge Taiwan Society To Stand Up For Lee Ming-che 2017/06/1227
Self-Immolated Martyr Chan I-hua Remembered In An Annual Memorial Service 2017/06/0580
PCT Stands By President Tsai To Bid For World Health Organization 2017/06/0568
A Sparkling And Truth-pursuing Seminar On Joseph And His Brothers 2017/06/0564
Yates And Nakashima Invited To Speak In Taiwan National Affiars Conference 2017/06/0571
Taiwan Society Urged To Stop Discrimination Against Sexual Minority And Terminate Sexual Violence Against Women And Girls 2017/05/22110
Lin Yi-hsiung Joins Hunger Strike Protest For DPP’s Delay Of Referendum Act Amendment 2017/05/2289
A Book Launch Of Wu-Han Grand Hotel To Seek Justice 2017/05/1496
Seeing The Great Commission, Tayal Presbytery To Set Up An Overseas Missionary Network 2017/05/1497
PCT 2017 Women Forum Empowers Women’s Consciousness On Gender Equality 2017/05/14123
Evangelist Tsai Yo-chuan, Taiwan Independence Guardian, Died At Age 67 2017/05/14100
Light Of Nan-Shih Presbyterian Church Prompts An Elementary School To Win Number 5 In National Juvenile Football Cup Reported by Chen Yi-fan 2017/05/1488
Rev Chen Ming-che Elected As PCT Moderator And Rev Abus Takisvilainan As The First Female Officer Of The 62nd PCT General Assembly 2017/05/06117
PCT Labor Center Stands By Migrant Workers On The Eve Of Workers’ Day 2017/05/0694
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