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Taiwan Oppose China's Unilateral Implementation Of M503 Flight Route 2015/03/2520
"Surf Comes To Pound Our Coast", A Taiwanese Folk Opera About Dr. McKay Are Launched An Itinerant Performance 2015/03/2518
Taiwan's Rachmaninoff, Prof. Siau Thâi-jiân, Passed Away On February 24th 2015 2015/03/1830
The 68th Anniversary Of 228 Massacre Is Commemorated Across Taiwan 2015/03/1836
To Practise True Democracy, A Movement of Constitutional Reform Is Launched 2015/03/1146
Five Years After Typhoon Morakot, Permanent House of Toe'uana Is Opened 2015/03/1140
Say Yes To God - Become A Loyal Servant 2015/03/0375
Tainan Church Day, A Joint Effort Between PCT And Tainan City Government To Commemorate Church Mission Initiated From Tainan And Beyond 2015/02/1198
General Building of Yushan Theological Seminary Is Opened For The 21st Century Aboriginal Society And Church In Taiwan 2015/02/04100
PCT Worries About The Accelerating Shrinkage Of Taiwan's Mother Tongnues 2015/02/0492
PCT Tainan Presbytery Urges A Prompt Legal Investigation Into Vote Buying Scandal In Tainan City Council 2015/01/2991
JE SUIS CHARLIE - The Shooting Rampage Victims In Charlie Hebdo And Supermarket Are Commemorated By French Community And The Public In Taiwan 2015/01/2985
Editorial: A Threefold Cord Of Evangelical Ministry 2015/01/2945
ISECO Pays Her First Official Visit To PCT To Promote Mutual Understanding Between Israel And Taiwan 2015/01/2939
Let Us Turn Stink Drainage Ditch Into Living Water River 2015/01/1855
Vote Buying Has To Be Eradicated First On The Way To Taiwan Democracy, Says Tsai Ing-wen 2015/01/1461
Sign Language Church Supported By So-shan Presbytery Is Launched At Tainan 2015/01/1457
Taiwan's Draft Of Constitution Is Released By TAUP To Spur A Constitutional Reform 2015/01/1456
Farmers Protest Government's Unfair Policy Of Water Rationing 2015/01/1454
GOOD119 Church Share Foods With The Poor And Accommodate The Homeless 2015/01/0752
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