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Editorial: The Carefully Investigated Certainty 2014/07/292
To Learn The Amazing Taiwan, Ecumenical Youth Receive A Wonderful "I Love Taiwan(ILT)" Campaign 2014/07/2212
Members Of CEI 2014 Encounter The Beauty Of Taiwan At Yi-lan County 2014/07/2211
By A Memorial Music Concert, Dr. Chen Wen-chen Is Commemorated On His Contribution To Taiwan's Democracy 2014/07/1619
Protesting Assembly Held For Cross Strait Service Trade Acts Signed One Year On 2014/07/0924
World Vision Taiwan Urges Churches To Concern Syria Refugee And Their Children's Education 2014/07/0922
Students And Citizens Rally Before The Legislative Yuan, Protesting Against The Act of Free Economic Pilot Zones 2014/07/0924
Missionary Paradigms in Taiwan Are Retrieved And Commemorated At PCT Tai-chung Presbytery 2014/06/3029
Pentecost At Pingtung, Church Prays For City Transformation On Global Day Of Prayer 2014/06/1831
A Report Of "The Death Penalty in Taiwan" Is Published, Urging Taiwan Government To Fulfill Her Legal Obligation To Global Society 2014/06/1825
Editorial: Koinonia! Yes, If You Want To 2014/06/1825
Caring Local Elders In Dementia And Disabilities, PCT Peng-hu Missionary Center Is Launched 2014/06/1234
PCT Shakes Up For 150th Anniversary Of Evangelical Missionary In Taiwan 2014/06/1242
Youth Occupy Politics: I Am 18, I Want To Campaign Foe An Office! 2014/05/2840
Thank You Sir! Mr. Yoichi Hatta 2014/05/2143
To Serve Eastern Taiwan With More Love, A Brand New Medi-Care Building Of Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung Branch Is Opened! 2014/05/2147
Tainan Decides to Become The Most Friendly Barrier-Free City! 2014/05/2145
Say No To Ecological Devastation, Rotam CropSciences Is Strongly Protested In Xinhua, Tainan 2014/05/0662
Commemoration of Nylon, A Martyr For Taiwan Independence And Freedom 2014/05/0166
Tashi Tsering Share The Tibetans' Pursuit For Independence And Freedom 2014/05/0158
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