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Greetings from Berlin Mission - Regarding COVID-19 2020/04/0831
CCT Greetings for Easter Day and Concern for Coronavirus COVID-19) Pandemic 2020/04/0849
Postponement of CCA programmes and Major Events due to COVID-19 2020/03/306
A Pastoral Letter from CWM General Secretary Regarding COVID-19 2020/03/308
Health Experts and Church Leaders Co-address Pandemic on TV 2020/03/274
Joint statement of WCC and Regional Ecumenical Organizations affirms to stand together to protect life 2020/03/27119
WCRC Joins in Pope’s Call to Prayer 2020/03/2584
Global Lord’s Prayer “united for humanity” 2020/03/25124
Ministry during COVID-19 2020/03/24145
Uniting in Adversity - Uniting Church in Australia 2020/03/2448
The United Church of Canada Letter to Global Partners 2020/03/2451
WCRC Responds to Unfolding Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic 2020/03/2481
WCC Urges Everyone to Pray at Home 2020/03/2487
Pastoral Letter COVID 19 - From the World Council of Churches 2020/03/19138
Asia Sunday-2020 focuses on the theme ‘God, Heal Us as We are Vulnerable’ 2020/03/1893
Cancellation of CWM YWET 2020 2020/03/1611
CWM Partner in Mission: Rev. Li Hau-Tiong 2020/03/0453
WCC Leadership Postpones Central Committee Meeting in Light of Coronavirus 2020/03/0232
Young Songwriters Invited to Shine for WCC 11th Assembly 2020/02/27143
WCC-EWN: Seven Weeks for Water 2020/02/2568
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