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Thanks letter from Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit 2015/05/06226
Condolences and Support for Nepal 2015/04/28296
PCT profound tribute to Rev.Dr.Philip Potter 2015/04/17195
Welcome to "2015 I Love Taiwan Mission: Pacunu (Behold)! The Sign of Grace" 2015/02/121087
Obituary Dr. Mark Thelin 2014/12/08330
Announcing the recipient of the Albert J.F. Lin Human Rights Award 2014/11/17403
“God’s love was present throughout” says Church of Scotland Youth (COSY) about her “incredible” and “amazing” ILTM 2014 experience 2014/11/141039
Come Celebrate Paul Alexander's life with us! 2014/06/23537
Prayers and Condolences to the family of Dr. Paul Alexander歐保羅 (1928-2014) 2014/06/19443
Joyous 100th Birthday Celebration! 2014/05/06518
Obituary and funeral notice of former PCT-URC missionary partner, Mr. Ivor Neal Shepherd 2014/05/02477
Celebrating 100 Years of life and recognition of missionary service! 2014/05/011289
International Response to the PCT Statement and Press Release concerning the Students Peaceful Protest and “sit-in” 2014/04/01537
Condemn the State Violence - Pursue Justice and Peace 2014/03/24618
An Affirmation and Appeal concerning the Students Public Demonstration against the illegal adoption of the Service and Trade Pact with China 2014/03/221609
PCT delegation continue their journey in England (6 March) 2014/03/10330
PCT Moderator leads Delegation to Partner Churches in Scotland, England and Cymru (Wales) 2014/03/071624
Welcome to “2014 I Love Taiwan Mission─Embrace Taiwan with Love” 2014/01/173019
Letter of condolence and support to UCCP 2013/11/14452
Earthquake Response National Council Of Churches In The Philippines (NCCP) 2013/10/18730
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