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Chiau-Ai Presbyterian Church ILTM team visited the PCT General Assembly Office 2018/07/11204
2018 ILT: Sending Worship 2018/07/10169
2018 ILT: Seek for Wonders! 2018/07/10123
2018 ILT: Exploring the Wonders of Hsinchu! 2018/07/09174
2018 ILT: Song Sharing: Singapore 2018/07/09119
2018 ILT: Welcome to the 2018 ILT Salon! 2018/07/0982
2018 ILT: Here comes the Korean Wave! 2018/07/0963
2018 ILT: “Drive out the old and Bring in the New” 2018/07/0982
2018 ILT: “α The beginning” 2018/07/0970
2018 ILT! Hello Taiwan! Li-ho Tai-oan! 2018/07/05191
2018 ILT! Let’s get the party started! 2018/07/05173
2018 I love Taiwan Mission! Bring it on! 2018/07/03223
Farewell to a friend of Taiwan - for now! 2018/06/01126
The PCT invited to attend the 11th General Assembly of the UCCP 2018/05/24266
A Condolence Letter from PCT to the Gereja Kristen Indonesia 2018/05/2442
Declaration on the Normalization and Deepening the Relationship with Taiwan 2018/05/17252
Elderly Care Ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) 2018/05/0994
The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) 63rd General Assembly signed agreements 2018/05/0857
An interesting anecdote about Tainan Theological College and Seminary. 2018/05/0774
World Day of Prayer Taiwan 2023 2018/05/07384
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