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International Response to the PCT Statement and Press Release concerning the Students Peaceful Protest and “sit-in” 2014/04/01119
Condemn the State Violence - Pursue Justice and Peace 2014/03/24188
An Affirmation and Appeal concerning the Students Public Demonstration against the illegal adoption of the Service and Trade Pact with China 2014/03/22254
PCT delegation continue their journey in England (6 March) 2014/03/1066
PCT Moderator leads Delegation to Partner Churches in Scotland, England and Cymru (Wales) 2014/03/07241
Welcome to “2014 I Love Taiwan Mission─Embrace Taiwan with Love” 2014/01/171169
Letter of condolence and support to UCCP 2013/11/14216
Earthquake Response National Council Of Churches In The Philippines (NCCP) 2013/10/18322
PCT Condolence And Concern For Victims Of Earthquake In The Philippines 2013/10/17170
Hong-tiong Lyim: training people for mission and social transformation 2013/08/13362
Making our Church the Sign of Hope 2013/06/293810
People I’ve Met on the ‘Jericho’ Road 2012/04/171115
Propositions on the Current National Situation in Taiwan 2011/12/09965
The 56th General Assembly of the PCT 2011/05/061401
Japan Appeal - Message from Rev Dr Collin Cowan 2011/03/251696
Letter of thanks for Rev. Chang visiting to JCCJ 2011/03/251523
Japan Earthquake update and pictures from UCCJ 2011/03/251824
PCT coordinates church response to Japan quake 2011/03/241639
JCCJ initial letter replies to PCT’s concern 2011/03/241319
Photos from UCCJ (Kyodan) under the Japan earthquake 2011/03/231659
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