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Prayer concern and condolences 2017/08/1014
Words of condolences on the going home of former missionary partner Mrs. Elspeth M Browne (Crofts) 2017/07/2753
The Moderator Arrives in Taiwan in Time for Special Celebration 2017/07/1482
ANNOUNCEMENT to PCT Partner Churches, Mission and Ecumenical Bodies 2017/06/304734
Passing of missionary partner and friend of PCT Mr. John (Jack) E. Geddes 郭徳士先生 2017/03/29937
Passing of a Missionary Colleague and Friend of PCT 2017/03/28285
Welcome to ‘‘2017 I Love Taiwan Mission Camp: Thy Name’’ 2017/02/104594
prayers for Berlin 2016/12/21835
A Further Update from the PCANZ 2016/11/29433
PCT letter to PCANZ concerning the earthquake in Aotearoa New Zealand 2016/11/22675
Greetings from the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand 2016/11/22631
Support of the Indigenous Peoples to Recover Their Rights and Autonomy 2016/10/20663
Protecting the essential culture of Taiwan 2016/06/22575
Recognition of a violent past will be a bellwether 2016/06/17543
Response on 206 TaiLam earthquake from Ecumenical family 2016/02/181006
In memory of Rev. Dr. David Gelzer 郭大衛牧師 2016/02/035302
Ecumenical family response to the PCT election Message 2016/01/272453
May Taiwan become a country blessed by God 2016/01/20601
Welcome to "2016 I Love Taiwan Mission: The Present from God" 2016/01/204898
The GA mission theme 2016-2017 2015/12/291050
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