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PCT Protests China’s Oppression of Inner Mongolia’s Language and Culture

Taiwan Church News
3577 Edition
September 14-20, 2020
Church News

PCT Protests China’s Oppression of Inner Mongolia’s Language and Culture

Reported by Chiu Kuo-rong

Stunned by global reports of China’s horrifying eradication of Inner Mongolia’s languages and culture, reminding people of the heinous genocide of Jewish people by Hitler dictatorship in WWII, the PCT General Assembly held a press conference protesting China’s oppression of the Inner Mongolian people before the Congress of Taiwan on September 11.

Rev Abus Takisvilainan, moderator of the PCT General Assembly, expressed her strong protest to China’s evil plans to wipe out the languages and culture of the Inner Mongolian people. She indicated that speaking mother tongues, as an unique human capability showcasing the personal identity and ethnic root, is absolutely an universal human right and any offense of the minority’s languages and culture should not be tolerated.

Evangelist Yohani Isqaqavut, former Minister of Council of Indigenous Peoples under the Executive Yuan, explained why the preservation of mother tongues of the indigenous was his topmost policy when he sworn into the office. Because when the mother tongues of the indigenous is dead, it also means the indigenous people and cultures will no longer exist, he said.

Translated by Peter Wolfe

Submitted by:Taiwan Church Press
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