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Dementia Elders Served by Traditional Dishes to Revive Good-Oldie Memories

Taiwan Church News
3528 Edition
October 7 – 13, 2019
Church Ministry

Dementia Elders Served by Traditional Dishes to Revive Good-Oldie Memories

Reported by Hung Tai-young

To help dementia elders do more exercise for their body and mind, a special culinary event was held at Glenn Social Welfare Foundation(GSWF) located in western Taichung City on October 2.

By inviting dementia elders to prepare the food, table-cloth, kitchenware and so forth, Mr Chen Nai-kang, a renown chef of Taiwan traditional dishes, offered six traditional Taiwanese dishes and let the elders soaked in their familiar milieu of traditional flavors.

Ms Lin Jing-hsuei, the chief executive secretary of GSWF, expressed that their vision and main task is offering comprehensive service to the disabled elders and children in the community. So, GSWF not only offers a secure place for the needed, but also designs some interactive programs to train and sustain the living capability of the elders.

Ms Tsai Hsin-Yi, business partner Mr Chen Nai-kang and co-founder of Good-Heart Food Supply, explained why she was attracted to join this culinary event during the interview. “This is because the problems of dementia elders becomes more and more concerned in our rapidly developing city”, she said, “and we can do something we are good at for these elders”.

Translated by Peter Wolfe


Submitted by:Taiwan Church Press
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