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In A Statement Of “Jump! Youth”, Youth Rights Alliance Celebrates Her 15th Anniversary Via An Exhibition

Taiwan Church News
3477 Edition
October 15 – 21, 2018
Headline News

In A Statement Of “Jump! Youth”, Youth Rights Alliance Celebrates Her 15th Anniversary Via An Exhibition

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

From October 10 to 14, a special exhibition, entitled as “Jump! Youth” and organized by Taiwan Alliance Of Youth Rights And Welfare (abbreviated as YRA for Youth Rights Alliance), is held at 7A Hall in Songshan Cultural And Creative Park.

The purpose of this exhibition is to twofold: first, to report to Taiwan society the progress and achievement of YRA since her inception in 2003; and second, through an interactive games, like caspule egg mission, QR code scanning, FB punching with a giant youth picture, simulated referendum poll and etc, introducing to people the problems of the so-called youth collective-anxiety and the challenges of youth rights lying ahead.

From her visionary 2005 proposal of lowering citizen rights to 18-year-old to a 2018 passed bill to lower voter’s age to 18-year-old on referendum vote, YRA’s contribution to Taiwan society and youth citizen rights is incredibly tremendous and praiseworthy.

In addition, through YRA’s long term effort and appeal to legalize technical and occupational education, about 50,000 youth students are therefore benefited in career planning and their student rights legally ensured during occupational training. Not to mention a history-breaking “Children Rights Covenant” ever was drafted by YRA with 10 other citizen groups and reported to the public in 2017.

In a “Double Ten” statement, released in an October 10 press conference at Taipei, a group of youth express their wish that Taiwan can become a country that respect youth rights /welfare and their social participation, treasure youth’s aesthetic designs and sporting expertise, and no more get used to treat youth with discrimination and low wage!

Translated by Peter Wolfe

Submitted by:Taiwan Church Press
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