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PCT Pastor Rev. Wang Inn-hse Is Granted The 10th Kamalan Award

Taiwan Church News

3271 Edition

Nov 3 - Nov 9, 2014

Church Ministry News

PCT Pastor Rev. Wang Inn-hse Is Granted The 10th Kamalan Award

Reported by Chiu Kuo-rong

A very prestigious honor, the Kamalan Awardfounded by Young Sun Culture & Education Foundation since 1991 anddedicated to persons or groups making an influential contribution to Yi-lan area at north-eastern Taiwan,is decided to present her 10th award on Nov 1st 2014 to PCT retired pastor, Rev. Wang Inn-hse, who has started his ministry from building Dong-shan church since 1953 and carried on planting seven other churches in aboriginal tribes till 1957.

After devoting his next 35 years into Christian education in Presbyterian Bible College at Hsin-chu, Rev. Wang returned back to serve as pastor of Lou-dong church and pioneered the Pine Age University education in eastern Taiwan. And this community-based university became the first adult education system in Yi-lan area, benefiting hundreds of elder people.

In the meantime, Rev. Wang also cared for the prisoners in a long period of time. He always gave psychological counsel or substantial support to help the prisoners starting their lives again after they finished their terms. He had been awarded the Exemplary Father by Yi-lan County Government; he and his wife was once elected as "National Marriage Couple".

During the reception ceremony ofKamalan Award, Rev. Wang specially expresses his gratitude to Dr. Chen Wu-fu, who is dubbed as "Taiwan's Schweitzer" and having always shown great support to him and his ministry. Rev. Wang thanks his wife, Rev. Kuo Lily, supporting him in all kinds of challenges. And he thanks all his friends and co-workers, accompanying himself to strive for God's mission. Finally, he said, "Thank God for giving me this blessing and privilege to serve Yi-lan this beautiful land!".

Translated by Peter Wolfe

Submitted by:Taiwan Church Press
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