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Advent and Christmas 2020

Photo credit: Rev. Chhoa Lam-Sin

FROM: The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
Mission Partners/Co-workers, Partner Churches and related Ecumenical Organizations

Dear Friends

The officers, staff and members of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) take this opportunity to send you our warmest greetings and prayers for Christmas and the New Year 2021. Due to the limitations of the postal service this year, regretfully, we are unable to send out individual cards as we would like to but resort to this group mail with your understanding.

Certainly the past year 2020 has been more than unusual for the entire world – words that we seldom heard before quickly became part of our daily vocabulary such as the “new normal”, “lock downs”, “virtual meetings”, “social distancing” etc. all triggered by the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19; which in its wake generated much fear, anxiety, loneliness, grief and hopelessness for millions of people. In the midst of the global crisis we also heard many equally painful news of devastating catastrophic bush fires and typhoons on several continents. Our hearts and prayers go out to all who mourn and struggle.

Here in Taiwan we count our blessings daily and cannot thank enough our President and Government and the Taiwan Centre for Disease Control (CDC) for their incredible rapid and effective response. Still the nation continues to act with a sense of wise caution and responsibility and like many others entities PCT postponed or cancelled several events. The 65th General Assembly meeting as you know was postponed from April but a scaled down meeting did convene in June in order to fulfil some essential business.

Just at the onset of the pandemic in January, Taiwan held very smooth Presidential and legislative elections when our President, Dr. Tsai Ing-Wen was elected for a second term in office. The nation also mourned the passing of former President, Dr. Lee Teng-Hui who was the first President to be elected by the people. A formidable leader and a native of Taiwan, Dr. Lee will be remembered for his pivotal role in the peaceful democratic transition of this country.

It was with much concern we reported to you beginning of the year our PCT General Secretary, Rev. Lyim Hong-Tiong suffered a stroke which resulted in hospitalisation and surgery; sadly he faced a set back and suffered a further stroke in March. He continues to improve step by step but it is a long journey. We take this opportunity to thank you again for all the expressions of care and especially your prayers for Rev. Lyim and his family throughout. Currently Lyim Hong-Tiong continues physiotherapy in a rehabilitation centre at Lu-Kang Christian Hospital which is a branch of the PCT Changhua Christian Hospital (CCH).

Taiwan’s response to the pandemic has meant our PCT congregations, institutions and General Assembly office have been able to maintain our usual daily routine, however, we do not take this freedom for granted; we remain vigilant as people gather for Christmas and move towards the New Year 2021 full of uncertainties and unknown challenges. We also appreciate and recognize for the majority of you, our partners and friends around the globe, the Christmas celebrations will be very different. As the Angel encouraged the Shepherds “do not to be afraid” let us also encourage one another with the hope and assurance the heart of the celebration remains the same, a Saviour was born!

We thank you for your partnership, fellowship and solidarity; we pray that each of you and your families will experience anew the peace and joy of Immanuel — God with us —

Rev. Abus Takisvilainan
PCT 65th GA Moderator

Rev. Lyim Hong-Tiong
PCT General Secretary

Rev. Chhoa Lam-Sin
PCT Acting General Secretary


Submitted by:總幹事室
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