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PCK HRL Ecumenical Leadership Training Program Group is warmly Welcomed by PCT

On November 5, 2019, PCK 4th Healing, Reconciling and Life (HRL) Ecumenical Leadership Training Program Group paid a visit to the PCT General Assembly Office. The General Secretary of the PCT, Rev. Lyim Hong-Tiong, briefed them on PCT’s mission priorities in the context of the ecumenical movement. In addition, the Training Group had a chance to engage in topics that concern the current PCT ecumenists. Later in the evening, they joined the contextual Bible study group at Chè-lâm Presbyterian Church in Taiwan.

Rev. Keun Bok Lee (Left) presenting a gift to Rev. Lyim Hong-Tiong

PCK 4th Healing, Reconciling and Life (HRL) Ecumenical Leadership Training Program Group on November 6 visited Tektung Church PCT (竹塘教會), Erhlin Happy Christian Homes (喜樂保育院二林分院), and Joyce-Agape Association (愛加倍庇護工場).

Serving at Tektung Church PCT with his wife Rev. Chen, Hsin-Hui for more than 30 years, Rev. Chuang Hsiau-Shen sincerely described the transformation of Tektung Church PCT to the Training Group.

“I feel that this church was abandoned by God,” Rev. Chuang Hsiau-Shen told the Training Group that the elder of Tektung Church expressed his desperate words 30 years ago.

Bearing Missio Dei in mind, Rev. Chuang shared his 30-year experiences on how to actively reach the community and people in the rural area; he witnessed how a declining and rural church becomes a life-giving church; he explained the design of the church doorway that draws people’s attention to pray when they see a cross shining at night.

Among various ministries, Dropout Student Revival Program (彰化縣向日葵學園), through cooperation with Ministry of Education, is a nurturing home where dropouts have another opportunity to study and learn. The Train Group visited them at the Agape building (right behind Tektung Church), while they were sewing the opera costumes for the upcoming Christmas Celebration. They too presented their DIY gifts to the Training Group.

Later that afternoon, the Training Group visited Erhlin Happy Christian Homes and Joyce-Agape Association and witnessed the late American philanthropist Joyce McMillan's charitable deeds. She established Changhua County's Erhlin Happy Christian Home in 1965 to take care Polio Children.

Chen, Chung-Sheng, President of Joyce-Agape Association, and Chen, Ching-Yu, Director of Public Relations Department briefed the Training Group about the history of Joyce-Agape Association. Touched by Joyce McMillan’s love, Chen, Chung-Sheng established Joyce-Agape Association.

Students presenting DIY gifts

Rev. Keun Bok Lee (Left) presenting gifts at Tektung Church

Group Photo at Tektung Church

The PCK-HRL Trainers with the cardboard cutout of Joyce McMillan

Group Photo at Joyce McMillan Monument

Chen, Chung-Sheng (middle), president of Joyce-Agape Association, briefing the history of Joyce-Agape Association

Chen, Ching-Yu (Left), Director of Public Relations Department, introducing different ministries of Joyce-Agape Association

Group Photo at Joyce-Agape Association

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