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Prophetic Voices from the Wilderness!– PCT’s Response to CWM Statement on Taiwan

In response to the Council for World Mission (CWM) Annual Members Meeting (AMM) statement on Taiwan “Not Forgotten and Not Alone” (issued June 2023), the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) Executive Committee expresses its heartfelt and deep gratitude to the leadership and all the constituent members of CWM for their warm and courageous voices. A friend and truthful partner in need is friend and truthful partner indeed!

Addressing the theme, “Break Down the Walls of Division,” CWM intentionally chose Taiwan to hold its 2023 Annual Members’ Meeting as an act of support and solidarity with PCT and the wider Taiwanese society at a time when Taiwan is consistently confronted with an apartheid isolation exercised by China and its vassals in the international community. CWM AMM issued a statement which exhibits both prophetic audacity and radical hospitality towards its isolated and marginalized partners, the PCT and Taiwan. The statement provides the PCT with a sustaining hope and empowering encouragement, which comes as an assurance and prayerful commitment from a faith community and mission partner that says: “You are not forgotten, and you are not alone.”

Indeed, during the last few decades and particularly in recent years, Taiwan has been threatened by the destructive and dehumanizing forces of the Empires and isolated from and deliberately ignored by the international communities. Thanks to truthful partners in the Taiwan Ecumenical Forum (TEF) and friends like the Council for World Mission, the life-threatening situations and outcries of Taiwan are gradually learned and heard by the world at large.

In response to these truthful and friendly partnerships, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan will continue to join the ecumenical companionship and participate in the prophetic works of compassion and just-peace in a world that is deeply in trouble and in need!

Finally, brothers and sisters, farewell. Be restored; listen to my appeal; agree with one another; live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you.(2 Corinthians 13.11)

Rev. Pang Jyh-Hong

Moderator, PCT 68th General Assembly

Rev. Chen Hsin-Liang

PCT General Secretary

July 18, 2023




 在台灣面臨被中國及其在國際社會裡的附庸國持續施行全面隔離及孤立政策的危急時刻,世界傳道會刻意選擇在台灣召開以「拆毀分隔的牆」為主題的2023年度會員大會,可說是以具體行動支持台灣基督長老教會以及整體台灣社會,並表達團結共融的一體精神。世界傳道會年度會員大會同時發表聲明,以先知性的勇氣及激進的好客精神來擁抱被孤立及邊緣化的夥伴 – 台灣基督長老教會和台灣。這個聲明帶給台灣基督長老教會一個持續的盼望及強而有力的鼓舞,因為有一個信仰群體及宣教夥伴對我們說:「你們沒有被遺忘,你們也不是孤單的」,這是何等的確證及信心的承諾。












大會主題為「打破分歧的牆」(Break Down the Walls of Division)。CWM積極聆聽台灣人民的聲音,深知帝國強權的競爭不斷加劇地緣政治變化,致使台灣在強權夾縫中求生,並隨時遭受戰爭威嚇。帝國政策不僅嚴重分裂台灣社會,也影響整個亞太地區。烏俄戰爭牽動下,帝國採取比以往更激烈的行動,使亞太情勢益顯嚴峻。在此情況下,台灣經歷漸增的軍事演習(挑釁模擬侵台),人民深感越來越容易遭受攻擊。






CWM Statement on Taiwan “Not Forgotten and Not Alone”

The Council for World Mission (CWM), comprising 32 member churches from six global regions, made a conscious decision to hold its June 2023 Annual Members’ Meeting in Changhua, Taiwan, as an act of support and solidarity with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT), and the wider Taiwanese society.

Meeting under the theme “Break Down the Walls of Division”, CWM has actively listened to the voices of the Taiwanese people. Caught in the escalating geopolitics between competing Empires, Taiwan is living under the constant threat of war. Empire-policies have created deep divisions not only within Taiwanese society, but also in the entire Asia-Pacific region. The situation has been intensified in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war, with Empires taking more aggressive actions than in the recent past. Taiwan has experienced increased military exercises (simulations and provocations), and the Taiwanese people feel increasingly vulnerable.

Taiwan has been one of the most isolated nations in the world during the Covid-19 Pandemic, primarily because of its exclusion from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Health Regulations (IHR). Taiwan was not allowed to participate in the global response to the pandemic, including accessing information and resources, sharing data and best practices, and participating in international discussions and decision-making.

CWM has been working closely with the PCT and other ecumenical partners through the Taiwan Ecumenical Forum (TEF), advocating for the rights of the Taiwanese people to “self-determination”, including religious, political, and economic freedom, and in pursuing peace in the region.

CWM affirms Taiwan’s right to rise to life through the pursuit of justice, peace, and reconciliation. It acknowledges the resilience of the people of Taiwan in resisting the oppressive structures which threaten to destroy peace in their communities and limit their opportunity to flourish. CWM commends Taiwan’s generosity in contributing to the welfare and wellbeing of other nations, even in the face of its own challenges—including assistance for Ukraine, financial support during Covid, and standing in solidarity with Hong Kong.

CWM calls for greater global cooperation within and beyond the CWM family to support Taiwan in its struggle for peace, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. It urges global multinational and ecumenical organisations to hear the voices of the Taiwanese people, to speak out against the military hostilities being suffered by Taiwan, and against the injustice of Taiwan’s continued isolation.

Christian wisdom reminds us that we are all connected, and “if one member suffers, all suffer together with it” (I Cor 12: 26); CWM affirms its solidarity with Taiwan and its people, and says, “You are not forgotten, and you are not alone”.


Submitted by:普世
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