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CWM CALLS FOR APPLICATION: Training in Mission 2019

DearGeneral Secretaries of CWM Member-Churches:

Greetings from the Council for World Mission (CWM) Global office in Singapore.

Please be informed that we are now accepting applications for the Training in Mission (Diploma in Mission Studies) 2019 Programme.

The Training in Mission (Diploma in Mission Studies) will be held on 1st May to 30th November 2019. The deadline of submission of applications is on 1st December 2018.

The Training in Mission Programme(Diploma in Mission Studies)promotesleadership and service to the church and God’s mission, by providing opportunity for a group of young adults to learn about mission in theory and in practice through classes, exposure visits, projects and hands-on work in various contexts for seven (7) months.Training in Mission Programme(Diploma in Mission Studies) is open for all interested applicants aged 18 to 30 years old at the start of the Programme, single and not an ordained minister.

The Programme aims to provide training for life and is intended to be a stage in Christian formation which helps each participant in a life–long involvement with the mission of the church. It also aims to offer training which provides wider vision; deepened commitment; and a strengthened sense of fellowship and partnership with other fellow Christians around the world, particularly through CWM member-churches.

Qualified participants and graduates of the TIM Programme will receive the Diploma Mission Studies at the end of the Programme. Graduates will possess qualification which recognises applied leadership skills in mission and education to enhance employment opportunities or to work in a voluntary capacity. CWM’s member churches will benefit by having qualified individuals with the knowledge and skills to successfully lead areas of responsibility in a wide range of Christian mission roles.

In line with this, may we request you to nominate maximum of four (4) applicants, two (2) males and two (2) females, to this very important Programme. All applications must be endorsed by the General Secretary and/or Moderator of the sending church, following your internal selection process.

CWM will select participants on the basis of completed application form particularly the essay part, taking in consideration balance in gender and regional representation in the Programme. Please note that CWM will not cover the cost of the passport nor processing of the participant’s visa requirements.

Please find enclosed the Programme Brief and the application form. Please feel free to reproduce them for information dissemination. The application documents will also be made available at (CWM website) www.cwmission.org.

We are looking forward to receive applications from your church.

Yours in Christ,


Mission Secretary


Submitted by:普世
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