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Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada annual meeting

The Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada (THRAC 加拿大台灣人權協會) held its Annual Meeting in Toronto on Saturday, May 3. Almost 90 people attended – a new record for THRAC. The theme of this year’s AGM was the 50th anniversary of Peng Ming-min's (彭明敏) 1964 "Declaration of Formosan Self-Salvation" (台灣人民自救運動宣言). Members watched a 40-minute video made by THRAC in which Dr. Albert Lin 林哲夫 interviewed Dr. Peng about the events of 50 years ago and what they mean for Taiwan today.The video, and other reports of the annual meeting, will be posted to THRAC website (thracanada.blogspot.ca).

After the video, Dr. Lin will recounted how in 1964 he and other Taiwanese students in Canada organized the "Committee for Human Rights in Formosa" and worked to save Peng. The Right Reverend Bruce McLeod told how in 1966, as part of a group of Canadian reporters brought to Taiwan by the KMT regime, he secretly visited Dr. Peng (then under house arrest) through the arrangement of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan.

Members voted to establish an Albert J.F. Lin Human Rights Award林哲夫人權獎, to be given annually “to recognize and encourage the long-time work of people or organizations in Canada or Taiwan for human rights, democracy and social justice. (為獎勵在加拿大或台灣長期間對人権,民主和社會公義有所貢獻的個人或團體者)”。Other resolutions were passed opposing Harper's latest "tough on crime" bill - C-26, and calling for the release of Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) from prison. All are posted on the THRAC website.

Two new members were elected to the THRAC board - Edward Chung 鍾雅澤, former president of the Taiwanese Canadian Association (2011-13) and co-chair of the Canadian Mackay Committee ; and Hsu Ching-Fang 許菁芳, PhD student in Political Science at the University of Toronto. In 2008 Hsu was president of National Taiwan University Student Association and an activist in the Wild Strawberry Student Movement野草莓運動 . Su Cheng-hsuan 蘇正玄retired from the board after many years of service to THRAC. Continuing as board members are Akio Chen 陳明雄博士 , Nikki Lin 林湘斐,Michael Stainton 史邁克牧師, Austin Yan 顏立哲 and Nick Chen 陳孟庭 (corresponding board member living outside of the GTA) .

Full information can be found on the THRAC website (thracanada.blogspot.ca)

Michael Stainton

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