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Uniting Church in Australia - GenSecs United

There’s been a very uniting convergence of church leaders in Sydney this week.

Four General Secretaries (or their equivalent) of United and Uniting churches are in town.

From outside Australia are Rev. John Dorhauer, General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ in the USA, Nora Sanders, General Secretary of the United Church of Canada, and John Proctor, the General Secretary of the United Reformed Church in the UK.

As well as enjoying Sydney’s early Summer, they’re sharing their wisdom and experience, and as expected, building Christian community together.

Uniting Church Assembly General Secretary Colleen Geyer hosted the group at Balmain Uniting Church, with further meetings at the UCA’s Pitt Street headquarters.

“I am always struck by how many things there are that we share in common,” said Ms Geyer.

“Most people know I’m pretty committed to collaboration and working together - that commitment doesn’t stop with Australia”.

“It’s a great opportunity to bounce ideas, hear about innovations - and dream a little.”

“I am amazed at how much we share – hopes, frustrations, needs, and experiences,” said Rev. John Dorhauer of the United Church of Christ.

“Every minute I spend with these colleagues confirms my belief that we can’t do what we do without each other.”added the UCC’s Nora Sanders.

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