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2018 World Day of Prayer
Author/ Ecumenical Committee

"World Day of Prayer is a global ecumenical movement led by Christian womenwho welcome you to join in prayer and action for peace and justice."

"All God’s Creation is Very Good!"

The World Day of Prayer came into being in 1927. On the first Friday of March every year, women all over the world pray and worship together. A theme was selected to guide the worldwide annual program. The annual worship theme is to support global and ecumenical communities with love, care and vision.

This year, on March 2nd, we celebrated with Suriname's worship theme"All God’s Creation is Very Good!"The WDP Suriname committee called us to take care of the environment and God's creation.

All the presbyteries and districts of the department of Women’s Ministry in Taiwan joined to pray for the Republic of Suriname. We are concerned about the polluted environment in Suriname. Through the worship service, we recognized other issues concerning Suriname's history, politics, economics, culture and society, especially that related to women and children.

Women in Taiwan reached the world through the World Day of Prayer Service, and witnessed ecumenical communities gathering together as one body living in the household of God. We prayed that Holy Spirit dwell among brothers and sisters. We hoped that brothers and sisters who participated in this prayer service continued to be guided by God and experienced the peace from God. As we reflected upon our living environment, we were reminded of our responsibility to the environment. Our duty is to be a good housekeeper for God’s world, because “God saw that it was good.”

The World Day of Prayer Service was held in 56 sessions with 9 languages (Taiwanese, Traditional Chinese, Taroko, Amis, Thayal, Paiwan, Rukai, Bunun, Hakka), and over 7,400 worship handbooks were published.

PCT has been participating in the World Day of Prayer since 1958. It is our honor that Taiwan was selected as the writer country of 2023. The theme we chose is"I have heard about your faith"(Ephesians 1:15). Rosângela Oliveira, the Executive Director of the World Day of Prayer, will take part in the Women's Ministry Committee of PCT.

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Submitted by:普世關係委員會
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