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Concerning Earthquake in Hualien, Taiwan on 6 February 2018


Dear Sisters and Brothers

Concerning Earthquake in Hualien, Taiwan on 6 February 2018

Many of you will have already heard through international news and social media of the recent spate of earthquakes that have raised concern in our country. Last night 6 February 2018 (Taiwan time), 11:50 a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck with its epicenter just off the East Coast of Hualien City and Hualien County. At time of writing the current fatalities reported stands at four persons with a further 219 injured and 173 persons unaccounted for. Rescue work continues and residents are being cared for in temporary accommodation/shelters. Five buildings in Hualien City are reported seriously damaged and/or tilting in addition to infrastructure damage to roads and water pipes etc.. As is the norm in disaster response the initial critical focus is on the rescue efforts and care of the victims. In the coming days as thorough assessments are carried out it will become clearer as to the full extent of the damage.

Concerning the PCT disaster response, our teams are already in action under the leadership of our Programme Secretary for Church and Society, Rev. Lim Ui-lian and Programme Secretary for Indigenous Church and Society, Rev. Omi Wilang. A response and rescue centre was immediately established at Hualien Kang Presbyterian Church, under the direction of Rev. Lin who is at the site. In the PCT General Assembly Office, Rev. Omi is coordinating the assessment team in conjunction with our PCT indigenous churches and communities in four Presbyteries in the affected area namely, East Presbytery, Truku Presbytery, Pangcah (Amis) Presbytery and Bunun Presbytery.

Please pray for the victims and their families and the rescue workers especially their health and wellbeing; our country is experiencing a very cold spell and rain fall in many areas the recent weeks. Currently Taiwan’s educational institutions are on winter vacation and the major Lunar New Year national holidays is fast approaching (15-20 February); the current disaster inevitably is impacting the tourists and hospitality industries in the affected area.

PCT 06/02 Earthquake disaster response fund is already established, if you desire to give a donation please visit PCT web (Giving and Supporting) :http://www.pct.org.tw/news_pct.aspx?strBlockID=B00006&strContentID=C2018020700001

Last but not least, on behalf of the victims and the response teams the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) express our sincere gratitude for the several messages already received from our international partners and friends. Each time such a natural tragedy occurs it is of immense comfort and strength to know sisters and brothers around the globe are praying with us and supporting those afflicted in their times of pain and deep sorrow. Thank you.

                Sincerely yours in Christ,



關於 2018 年 2 月 6 日發生於台灣花蓮的地震

很多人已經從國際新聞與社群媒體中得知最近在我們國內引起關注的地震。昨晚(台灣時間 2 月 6 日晚間 11:50),發生規模 6.4 的地震,震央就在花蓮縣市的東岸近海。截至撰寫此信時,據報導死亡人數為 4 人,另有 219 人受傷,仍有173 人下落不明。搜救工作持續進行,而居民們也在臨時住所中受照顧。據報導,花蓮市除了道路與水管等基礎設施的損壞之外,還有 5 棟建築物嚴重損毀或傾斜。根據災難應變的準則,首要關注的是救援工作以及對受災居民的關懷與照顧。在未來的日子裡,當進行徹底的評估時,將會更全面了解相關的災損情形。

關於台灣基督長老教會對於災難的應變:在教社幹事林偉聯牧師與原宣教社幹事Omi Wilang 牧師的帶領下,我們的團隊已經展開行動。台灣基督長老教會救援指揮中心已經在花蓮港教會成立,並由林偉聯牧師於現場指揮。在台灣基督長老教會總會事務所方面,Omi Wilang 牧師也在協調評估小組,並連結台灣基督長

懇請大家為受災居民及其家人並救難人員代禱,特別為他們的身心健康祈禱;最近幾週,我們國內許多地區正面臨強烈寒流與降雨;目前台灣的教育機構適逢寒假,而農曆新年也即將來到(2 月 15-20 日),目前的災難不可避免的將影響災區的觀光旅遊業。

台灣基督長老教會 0206 地震災害應變基金已經成立,如果你願意參與奉獻,請至台灣基督長老教會網站(奉獻與支持):http://www.pct.org.tw/news_pct.aspx?strBlockID=B00006&strContentID=C2018020700001




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