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The 63rd General Assembly Moderator, General Secretary, Officers, Staff and Members of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) convey our most sincere and humble gratitude for the assurance of prayers and concern received the recent days in the aftermath of the 0206 Hualien Earthquake. It was humbling to receive such outpouring of messages and donations within hours of the earthquake happening. We know from vast experience after the initial disaster response and rescue efforts come to a close there is a long journey ahead for the victims and communities affected as rehabilitation and reconstruction takes place. Thank you and God bless you for your solidarity and support.


Rev. Hideo Ishibashi, Moderator , The United Church of Christ in Japan (UCCJ)
Dr. Robert S Halliday, PCI Mizoram Synod, India
Rev. Peter Bush, Moderator, 143rd General Assembly, The Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC)
Rev. Makito Hatta, Chair, Committee on EcumenicalRelations, The Church of Christ in Japan (CCJ)
Rev. Derek Duncan, Area Executive, East Asia & Pacific, Global Ministries, the Christian Church(Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ USA
Rev. Dr. Michael Jagessar, Global & Intercultural Ministries, The United Reformed Church (URC) UK
Elder Sandy Sneddon, Asia Secretary, World Mission Council, The Church of Scotland (CoS)
Rev. Wayne Matheson, Assembly Executive Secretary, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ)
Rev. Gwenda Richards, Past Moderator, Presbyterian Church of Wales (PCW)
Rev. Dr. Elwyn Richards, Former Moderator, Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru (EBC-PCW)
Mrs. Audrey Grahame, Senior Administrator, World Mission Council, The Church of Scotland (CoS)
Dr. Christof Theilemann, Asia Secretary, Berliner Missionswerk
Rev. Teresa “Terri” Hord Owens, General Minister and President, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada
Rev. Chung Hee-Min (Alec), Basel Christian Church of Malaysia - Gereja Basel Malaysia (BCCM)
Kathy Reeves, Mission Associate, Presbyterian Women in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Rev. Glynis Williams, Associate Secretary for International Ministries, The Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC)
Rt. Rev Teo Yew-Tiong, Synod Moderator and Rev Dr Steven Gan, Synod Stated Clerk, Presbyterian Church in Singapore (PCS)
Dr. Francis Brienen, Deputy General Secretary (Mission), The United Reformed Church (URC) UK
Patti Talbot, Team Leader - Global Partnership Cluster, and North East Asia Partnerships, The United Church of Canada/L’Église Unie du Canada
Mrs. Karen Francis, Mission Secretary, Caribbean Region, council for World Mission (CWM)
Rev. Dr. Chris Ferguson, General Secretary, World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC)
Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary, World Council of Churches (WCC)
Dr. Mathews George Chunakara, General Secretary, Christian Conference of Asia (CCA)
Rev. KIM Byungho, General Secretary, The Korean Christian Church in Japan (KCCJ)
Rev. Chang-bae Byun, General Secretary, Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK)
Rev. Makio Kodaira, Chairman, Board of Directors, Kirisuto Kyodaidan (Brotherhood of Christ Church/ BCC)
Rev. Kwang Sun Choi, General Coordinator, Asia Fellowship of Mission 21 Partners
Rev. John McCall, Presbyterian Church (USA) mission co-worker with PCT (on home assignment)
Rev. Diego I. Higuita Arango, General Secretary, Presbyterian Church of Colombia
Rev. Yeo Chek Chee, Moderator of 43th-44th General Assembly, Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia
Elder Mok Cheh Liang, General Secretary, Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia (GPM)
Rev. Dr. Jae-Cheon LEE, General Secretary, The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)


Rev. Zaidarhzauva and Mrs. Sapvengi (Presbyterian Church of India, Mizoram Synod)
Mrs. Judy Estell (Reformed Church in America)
Mary Helen Garvin (Presbyterian Church in Canada)
Rev. Jeanette Beagley-Koolhaas and Rev. Dr. Alan Beagley (Reformed Church in America)
Dr. Edward L. Senner (Presbyterian Church (USA)), past PCT Associate General Secretary
Rev. Dr. Ted and Mrs. Betty Siverns (Presbyterian Church in Canada)
Rev. Stuart Vogel (Presbyterian Church Aotearoa New Zealand)
Ms Ann Broom (Presbyterian Church (USA))


Mr. James Rehmat, Executive Director, Ecumenical Commission for Human Development, Pakistan
Ms Mary Collins, Toronto, Canada (retired UCC mission partner to the PROK)
Rev Moumita Biswas, Executive Committee Member World Day of Prayer IC (Asia Region)
and Executive Secretary - National Council of Churches in India
Ms Vino Schubert, WDPIC Executive Committee Member ( Asia)
Ms Veni Selvam, WDPIC (Asia)
Ms Megumi Maejima, WDP Japan
Ms Liza Lamis, Executive Secretary, International Committee, Fellowship of the Least Coin (ICFLC)
Naoya Kawakami, Touhoku HELP
Te Aroha Rountree, Trinity Methodist Theological College (Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa)
Joyce Larko, WDP Africa
Henriette Mbatchou
Brother Alois, Prior of Taizé Community, France
Laurence Gangloff, Chairperson, World Day of Prayer - WDP International Committee


Very Reverend Dr. N. Bruce McLeod (former Moderator United Church of Canada)
Rev. Dr. Edgar File (United Church of Canada, URM Trainer)
Prof. Albert Lin (Taiwan-Canada)




Rev. Hideo Ishibashi
The United Church of Christ in Japan


I have just received the news that there was a massive earthquake in Taiwan and I am sending this email to enquire if you are all well. I will be praying for you, the church and the people so that God will protect and keep you safe during this crisis.


Robert S Halliday
Aizawl, Mizoram, India


I heard with shock today about the earthquakes that have been shaking the region around Hualien. The few pictures I have seen are shocking, I pray that there is no more loss of life than has already taken place.

I posted a prayer on Facebook -- the "unofficial" PCC page – (see following) My prayers are with you and the people of Taiwan.

In Christ,

Peter Bush
Moderator, 143rd (2017) General Assembly, The Presbyterian Church in Canada

A Prayer for Taiwan – following earthquakes Feb. 6, 2018 by Peter Bush

God of mercy,
be with the people of Hualien and the surrounding region as they deal with the impact of many recent earthquakes, especially the one on Feb. 6.
We pray that you comfort to those who have had family and friends killed.

Give hope to those who are still trapped,
Give insight and courage to those who seek to rescue the trapped,
Give wisdom to government officials and engineers as they evaluate damage to infrastructure and buildings, and
Give aid to those who are homeless or are dislocated because of the earthquake.

We thank you for the witness of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, and pray that you would strengthen them as they reach out, as a denomination, as congregations, and as individuals, with care and compassion that comes from you.

These things we pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen


Greetings from Tokyo. We just learned that there was a big earthquake in the eastern part of Taiwan. We would like you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. If there's anything we can do, please do not to hesitate to contact us. May the God of compassion comfort those who are suffering from this tragedy.

Yours in Christ

Rev. Makito Hatta
Chair of the Committee on EcumenicalRelations
The Church of Christ in Japan


We heard news today about earthquakes on the coast of Taiwan. The reports said there were limited casualties. Please let me know if we can help with assistance.

Derek Duncan
Area Executive for East Asia and the Pacific
Global Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ USA


We were saddened to hear that a 6.4 magnitude quake on the east coast of Taiwan has left two dead and 219 injured; buildings crumbled and trapped people inside struck the country.

Ecumenical Commission for Human Development is faith-based Christian ecumenical advocacy, humanitarian relief and development agency is extending our heartfelt sympathy to your Church, government and the people of Taiwan.

Our prayers and thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by the dreadful disaster.

Warm regards in peace and friendship!

Executive Director
Ecumenical Commission for Human Development , Lahore, Pakistan


As we follow the news of the earthquake in Hualien and the aftershocks, we want you to know that we are thinking of you and especially all who have been affected and those who are responding to the emergency. We continue to hold you and the people of Taiwan in our thoughts and prayers especially at this time. May God’s love and grace continue to encourage, sustain and accompany all.

With kind regards from all of us the United Reformed Church.

Michael Jagessar (Revd Dr)
Global & Intercultural Ministries (Mission), The United Reformed Church


Since seeing the news of the earthquake that struck Taiwan and causing severe damage in Hualien I have been anxious to hear news from friends in Taiwan. The World Mission Council meets later this morning and I will present the message from Rev Tan Beng-Chi and Rev Lyim Hong-Tiong. The message will also be shared through our communications channels.

Please convey our best wishes to all at Presbyterian Church and your friends and partners here in Scotland pray for the well-being of people affected and the work of the PCT disaster response teams.


Sandy Sneddon
Asia Secretary
Church of Scotland World Mission Council


Greetings from Aotearoa New Zealand,

We awoke today (7 February) to the news of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Hualien.

On behalf of our Moderator Right Rev Richard Dawson and the whole PCANZ I write to express our concern, care, love, prayer and support to you, the whole staff and the PCT family. We join together to express our sorrow for the loss of life and join our prayers with many others for those missing and injured together with the many people displaced.

Like you, we understand the power and damage of earthquakes and how they impact the lives of many. We continue to be amazed at the work you do in caring for your communities and the disaster response teams you have to assist. We will be praying for all those involved in rescue work also – especially as you experience after shocks.

Kia kaha is a Māori phrase meaning stay strong, used as an affirmation. It took on special significance following our recent earthquakes. May it have significance for you all as you face the days ahead.

If we can assist – please be in touch.

We deeply value our partnership – and at this time want to ensure you of our on-going care, love and prayer.

Yours in the partnership of the Gospel,

Wayne Matheson
Assembly Executive Secretary
Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand


Yn falch eich bod chi’n iawn y Taipei ond yn meddwl llawer am y trueinuaud yn Hualien a’r cyffiniau. Cofio’r cyfnod dreuliais i yn teithio’i lawr y glannau i Barc Toroko a’r golygfeydd hardd.

Cofion annwyl atoch i gyd. Yn gweddïo’n gyson dros y sefyllfa.

Gwenda Richards (Cyn Llywydd/Past Moderator)
Elwyn Richards (Cyn Llywydd/Former Moderator)
Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru (Presbyterian Church of Wales)


You are very much in our prayers. My husband told me last night on the bus, as we headed home, had I heard about the earthquake – which at that point I had not heard anything. We saw the news and I was worried that you might be involved, as I don’t know where your office is. So I am extremely glad to get your email today.

Richard and I will ask our Home Group for their prayers too, it is very important to be surrounded in prayer at these hard times. Take good care.

Audrey Grahame
Senior Administrator, World Mission Council
The Church of Scotland


Hearing the news of the earthquake in Hualien, we feel so sorry that many people died, missing and lost houses and properties.

Thank you for your information and the official letter from the PCT about this. We will remember the victims and the PCT and Taiwan as a whole in our prayers.

Wish you keep healthy and in peace.

Zauva and Sapi
(Aizawl, Mizoram, India)


We heard about the terrible earthquake that hit the east of Taiwan and we are very much disturbed by that news. We just want to make a point of saying that we feel very much for you and the people in Hualien and that you and the victims and their families are in our prayers and thoughts all the time!

Thanks very much for your mail informing us about your efficient response to the disaster. Please do let us know if there is anything that we can do to!

Our Bishop and the Director send you warmest greetings and best wishes and I join them in this!

May our good lord keep you and protect you!

Yours gratefully,

Dr. Christof Theilemann
Stellvertretender Theologischer Direktor und
Landeskirchlicher Pfarrer für Ökumene und Weltmission
Berliner Missionswerk


Thank you for the informative letter which expressed love, care, concern and prayer support. I knew the PCT would send out help, but it is exciting that it is already in action. My heart just goes out to my dear friends and community. I just checked the cwb.gov.tw and see that the earthquakes have continued.

Just continuing to love, pray and think! I know God is in control and has more power than even the strongest earthquake, but.... The cold and rain don't help matters either.

With love and prayers,

Judy Estell


This is devastating news. Hualien is dear to our family and we are deeply saddened by the great losses, both of life and of infrastructure and what that will mean to the people in the area. I pray for those who have gone to help with the rescue program that God will use their love and compassion as a witness to the love of Christ.

We are all concerned for the situation there in Taiwan, and friends are asking me how Yu-Shan Seminary fared in this earthquake. Is anything known about their situation at this point?

Yours in His Name,

Mary Helen Garvin


Thanks for the PCT update. We saw the news yesterday and called Judy (Estell). It was good to have someone to talk to. The photos of the buildings are scary.

Love and Prayers.

Jeanette and Alan Beagley


Our prayers will be with the people of Taiwan and the Presbyterian Church and others as you respond with the love of Christ in meeting the needs of all those affected. I will share this with Rev. Vy Nguyen, Executive Director of Week of Compassion, the Disciples’ disaster response ministry.

Blessings and peace,

Teresa “Terri” Hord Owens
General Minister and President
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada





馬來西亞基督教巴色會中文大會會牧 (Basel Christian Church of Malaysia Gereja Basel Malaysia)
鍾希明牧師 字 Rev. Chung Hee-Min (Alec)


Thank you for sharing this message with us. We are keeping the people of Taiwan in our thoughts and prayers as they cope with the destruction from this earthquake, and with the PCT as they respond to the needs of the people. The pictures that were shown on our news reports were really horrifying.


Kathy Reeves
Mission Associate, Presbyterian Women in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)


The Presbyterian Church In Canada (PCC) received the terrible news of the earthquake in Taiwan yesterday, as it was prominent in the Canadian news. Our hearts go out to the many people affected, who await rescue and we mourn with the families of those who have died in this disaster.

Thank you for forwarding this letter and the news that the teams are already mobilized and working out of the Hualien Kang Presbyterian Church. We join with you in prayer and commit to providing assistance in the future. An announcement has just been posted on the main page of the PCC website. http://presbyterian.ca/2018/02/07/relief-efforts-begin-following-earthquake-taiwan/

International Ministries (IM) and Presbyterian World Service & Development (PWS&D) will work together respond to the needs of both immediate humanitarian assistance and the rebuilding of churches and institutions. We will await more details in the future, once you have assessed the needs and you send requests.

On behalf of the leadership of the PCC, you can be assured of our prayers and support during this difficult time.


Rev. Glynis Williams
Associate Secretary for International Ministries
The Presbyterian Church in Canada


Yesterday we heard of the Hualien earthquake, and I was getting ready to send you a note regarding the same, when I saw that you already sent a note about the PCT response to the disaster.

We could see some of the damage online, and on our cell phones. This must be a very difficult time for the families involved. Our prayers go up for you all and those families that experience loss and injury. Our prayers go up also for the responders like the members of the PCT as they give of their time and energy to help those in need. Thank you for sharing this news with us.

God bless you all,

Ed Senner


Greetings in Jesus’ name!

Thank you for the notification. We have circulated the letter to all our member churches and we will be keeping PCT in prayer.

Attached, please find the letter from our Synod Moderator, Rt Rev Teo Yew-Tiong and Synod Stated Clerk, Rev Dr Steven Gan. Thank you and God bless!

台湾花莲发生如此罕见而强烈的强震,造成的伤亡和建筑物倒塌,令我会众人 感到悲痛,但愿怜悯人的主亲自安慰和抚平伤痛人的伤痛和悲哀;我会已将得 到的信息转发给各个堂会,请他们在祷告中记念和支援贵会救灾的需要。
张友忠牧师 颜业顺牧师(博士)谨启
新加坡长老大会会正 新加坡长老大会书记


Thank you for your message. I am so sorry to hear that Taiwan has yet again been hit by an earthquake and my thoughts and prayers are with all those affected and with all of you at the PCT office and local churches as you are trying to respond to the emergency. Michael will have been in contact regarding a contribution we would like to make towards the costs of the emergency help. I hope it will go some way towards helping those affected by this devastating event.

We will continue praying for the people of Taiwan and especially those in the Hualien region.

With best wishes,

Francis Brienen
Deputy General Secretary (Mission), The United Reformed Church


Warm greetings from The United Church of Canada. We write with deep concern following news of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake off the east coast of Hualien City and Hualien County.

We have shared your letter by social media, and know that all those affected are in the hearts and minds of many in Canada.

Be assured of our care and support, and prayers for victims, their families, rescuers, and all those involved. Our prayers include you both, and the people of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan as you respond.

Grace and peace to you,

Patti Talbot
Team Leader - Global Partnership Cluster, and North East Asia Partnerships
The United Church of Canada/L’Église Unie du Canada


We have been in touch with friends in Hualien and join prayers with our Taiwanese brothers and sisters. We are impressed with the rapid response of the government and to the PCT to the needs.

Betty and I are also grateful for the communication from the PCT office.

Ted and Betty Siverns


Thank you for the message.
Hope you're well.
Praying for all,

Mary Collins (in Toronto)


Thank you for the letter. The PCT is a special friend and you are all in our prayers,

Every blessing,

Stuart Vogel


Thank you for the letter. I was hoping we would hear something from PCT.

How horrible! Please share with everyone that my thoughts and prayers are with them. May God's grace abound and His comfort and peace be with the families of those who have lost loved ones. Praying for strength and wisdom for the leaders of the PCT as they continue to minister to the people of Hualien (one of my favorite places).

God's richest blessings on you all and joy to you,

Ann Broom


Thank you for sharing this information. We will most certainly be in prayer and make other efforts to respond. I will be in touch with Rev. Lyim Hong-Tiong and pass on the information.


Karen Francis
CWM Mission Secretary, Caribbean Region


Thank you for your email and the update regarding the horrible earthquake and situation in Taiwan.
On behalf of our General Secretary, please convey to your leadership that we are praying for them and have issued a call to prayer and support to the Communion.

Please take note we also have emergency relief funds available if the PCT should decide to request them.

Blessings during this difficult time,

Katrina Mertz, Assistant to the General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Chris Ferguson
World Communion of Reformed Churches


Let us together uphold in our prayers brother and sisters from Taiwan and kindly share the information in your region, churches and women's fellowships.

Rev Moumita Biswas, Executive Committee Member World Day of Prayer IC (Asia Region)
and Executive Secretary - National Council of Churches in India

Will keep them in our prayers dear, thank you for the information - Veni Selvam, WDPIC (Asia)

Will share and pray - Vino Schubert, WDPIC Executive Committee Member ( Asia)

Will share and pray - Megumi Maejima, WDP Japan


The Officers and members of the International Committee for the Fellowship of the
Least Coin (ICFLC) grieves with you for the loss of lives, pain in not knowing the whereabouts of loved ones, and damage to properties as a result of the recent devastating quake. We can never comprehend your pain but here we are to offer our accompaniment and prayers to you all.

We have enjoined all our partners, friends and supporters all over the world to pray
with us for God’s blessing of comfort to those who grieve, presence to those who are
alone and lonely, and material needs to those who lack. As we pray with you, we
strengthen our commitment to live out the FLC spirituality of sharing and praying as
our way of living in God’s world.

Our loving God who sees and hears certainly will not leave us with unbound wounds
and forsaken souls! God bless PCT with all that you need to be God’s hands, feet and
heart especially to those in pain and in need.

Very sincerely yours,

Executive Secretary, ICFLC


We received the news regarding the earthquake that struck the East Coast of Hualien City and Hualien County in Taiwan with deep concern and sadness. On behalf of the World Council of Churches and the Ecumenical family throughout the world, we express our solidarity and prayerful thoughts for the people and churches in the region. We pray for the communities and families who have lost their lives in this disaster and for the healing and recovery of those who have been hurt and displaced. We are also praying for the protection and wellbeing of all those who are involved with the disaster relief and recovery efforts.

We pray with you-
‘Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord.
Lord, hear my voice!
Let your ears be attentive
to the voice of my supplications!’
(Psalm 130: 1,2)

We are inspired by the prompt and substantive responses by the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan to this crisis. As the people of Taiwan approach the Lunar New Year, may the love of God bring succour, solidarity, and warmth to people affected by this crisis.

God heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds. (Psalm 147:3)

In continuing solidarity with you, Your brother in Christ,

Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit
WCC General Secretary


It is with great distress that we received the news about the strong earthquake 6.4 magnitude that struck Taiwan with its epicenter just off the East Coast of Hualien City and Hualien County. It is with great sadness that we have been following the news during the past two days about as many as 9 people confirmed dead and 260 injured, while several others are still missing. We see the suffering of many people who are affected due to this calamity and we offer our prayers at this time of their distress. Our most sincere condolences to the bereaved family members of those who were killed. As the desperate search for survivors continues, may the Lord God protect and guide all those who are tirelessly involved in difficult tasks. We assure our fervent prayers and extend solidarity to the families of the victims, wounded, and survivors of this natural disaster.

It is heartening to note from the information you have shared with us that the PCT has already initiated relief assistance through staff teams deployed from the General Assembly Office as well as with the assistance of indigenous churches and communities in four Presbyteries in the affected areas, East Presbytery, Truku Presbytery, Pangcah (Amis) Presbytery and Bunun Presbytery. While we appreciate the immediate disaster responses initiated by PCT, as a symbolic gesture of CCA’s concern and expression of solidarity, we have arranged the transfer of a token contribution of U.S $ 5,000 (U.S. dollar Five Thousand) from CCA for PCT ‘s relief work in the earthquake affected area.

Although this is a very small amount, please consider this as a token of our deep appreciation to PCT’s humanitarian assistance to the affected people and communities. This amount will be transferred to PCT’ Bank account tomorrow. May I request you to kindly send us the details of the Bank Account of PCT.

We will continue to remember you all in our prayers. May God almighty strengthen all those who are experiencing the pain and sorrow and PCT members who are tirelessly working for the rescue operations in the affected areas.

Yours along the journey

Mathews George Chunakara
General Secretary, CCA


I believe you are in Peace in Christ though in any trouble. I remember 2 Corinthians 1:4.

We are so sorry to hear the news about the terrible earthquakes taken place at Taiwan.
I pray with my colleagues and want to know what we could do for the survivors. It should be the great help for us if you share the needs for the people affected.

I am very sorry to bother you at this time of difficulty.

Faithfully yours,

Naoya Kawakami
Touhoku HELP


Tena koe - Greetings for the new year.

Please know that we are thinking of you all and offer our love and prayers to our friends in Hualien. We hope all at the Yushan seminary are safe and well after the earthquakes. Kia tau te rangimarie, may peace be upon us all.


Te Aroha and all at Trinity Theological College.
Te Aroha Rountree
Lecturer in Maori Studies
Trinity Methodist Theological College (Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa)


Greetings from Japan in the name of our Lord!

On behalf of your brothers and sisters in the Korean Christian Church in Japan (KCCJ), I write to extend our heartfelt concern for those who may have been impacted by the recent earthquake off the Hualien coast. We pray for the safety of those who remain missing at the time of this writing. May the Lord give comfort to all who have suffered loss, and strength to those who are working for recovery.

The KCCJ will await further information from you about the situation, and determine how best to support you in your need.

Lord’s blessings upon Reverends Lim Ui-lian and Omi Wilang in their roles of leadership on behalf of the PCT.

Sincerely, in Christ,

KIM Byungho
General Secretary,
The Korean Christian Church in Japan


Warm Greetings form the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK)!

This is with great sadness and shock that I learned about the earthquake at the East Coast of Hualien City and Hualien County in Taiwan on last Tuesday, 6th February 2018. We share the grief all the people who are affected by the devastating earthquake and on a personal note, I believe that you and the families of all colleagues in the PCT office are safe. I also hope and believe that all those persons who were unaccounted for are found safe and those who were injured recovering well.

I extend my sincere appreciation to Rev. Lim Ui—Lian, PCT Programmes Secretary for Church and Society, and Rev. Omi Wilang, Programme Secretary for Indigenous Church and society for their immediate disaster response to help and rescue the affected. As they, together with volunteers involve in the benevolent efforts and rescue operations, know that our prayers are with them. Thank you also for extending your kind support to our country men who have been affected by this earthquake.

As you continue the disaster relief and put your efforts to normalize the situation, we hope and pray that the cold spell and rain will not worsen the situation. Once again, our sincere prayers for the speedy recovery and wellbeing of all the affected.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. Chang-bae Byun,
General Secretary
Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK)


We are deeply saddened to hear about the earthquake of 6.4 magnitude that occurred on Feb. 6th. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the victims.

We pray for the safety of those who are involved in relief operation and quick recovery of your land. May the Lord comfort you and bless your land!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Makio Kodaira
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Kirisuto Kyodaidan (Brotherhood of Christ Church/ BCC)


Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ!

I express deep condolences to all the people who have suffered due to the earthquake in Taiwan. My prayer is always with dear Taiwanese people. I hope your people can recover from loss and pain with strength and courage given by God of love and peace.

On behalf of the Asia Fellowship of Mission 21 Partners (ASF), sincerely,

Rev. Kwang Sun Choi,
General Coordinator, Asia Fellowship of Mission 21 Partners


I was so sad to hear of the major earthquakes in Taiwan. I am praying for you all, for the church as you respond to this disaster, for disaster workers, and for those who are still trapped or have lost love ones.

May God‘s strength and care surround the people of Taiwan.


Rev. John McCall, Presbyterian Church (USA) mission co-worker with PCT (on home assignment)


We are with you in prayers. All African Sisters will bear you up as we organise a prayer chain to support you. May God be with you. Blessings

Joyce Larko, WDP Africa

As Joyce say you are in our prayers. May our Lord be with you and fortified you

Henriette Mbatchou


At this time, when the people of Taiwan are experiencing a great suffering because of the earthquake, I want to say to you and through you to the Church in Taiwan that we, the brothers of Taizé, share in the trial that has befallen your country which is so dear to us. Our hearts are touched to the very depths. We feel close to Taiwan thanks to the young people and groups of PCT who came to Taizé, among them not a few Aboriginals.

With the young people of different countries currently in Taizé, we pray for the victims and all who work for rescue and recovery. In communion with you, we pray:

God our hope, pour out your compassion on all those who, in Taiwan, are going through this trial. When we are disconcerted by the incomprehensible suffering of the innocent, enable us to be witnesses to the Gospel through our lives and to render accessible the consolation of the Holy Spirit.

With my heartfelt sympathy.

Brother Alois, Prior of Taizé


Thank you for sharing the sad and terrible information about the Earthquake. Of course, the World is praying for you, your families, Friends, City, country. At the moment, I need to give you hope, even if it is all darkness around you. Be sure we pray for security, warms, healing.

In my heart sounds a song, may be you know it? "We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome someday. Oh deep in my heart I do believe, we shall overcome someday"

With all my love,

Laurence Gangloff,
Chairperson, World Day of Prayer - WDP International Committee


Warm greetings from the Presbyterian Church of Colombia, in solidarity with the love of Jesus Christ for the people of Taiwan.

We have received your letter and heard the news of the suffering of your people because of the natural disasters you have faced. On the other side of the world, we lift our prayers for those who have been directly impacted by the earthquakes. We pray for our sister church PCT that you may continue serving as God’s instruments in consolation and support for those most in need.

We are sharing this communication with each of our presbyteries and local churches so that our united prayers might be a sign that gives strength to you.

In Christ,

Diego I. Higuita Arango
General Secretary, Presbyterian Church of Colombia


We are deeply saddened by the loss of lives and the destruction due to the earthquake in Hualien County on the night of 6/2/2018. On behalf of Synod EXCO and all our member churches, we express our heartfelt and deep sympathy to the local congregations and communities. We assure you of our sincere prayers and trust that God will assist and guide individuals, families and communities to cope with the sudden disaster, destruction and damage caused by the earthquake.

We especially pray for those who have lost their loved ones and those who have lost their homes and livelihoods. We are indeed pained at the loss of lives and resources. Please convey our love to the people of Hualian and assure them of our prayers. We pray that those who are still missing will be accounted for and for God’s hands to guide the rescue workers to be able to locate them quickly and in time.

Our hearts and prayers are with you all - the Lord be your strength, wisdom and comforter.

Sincerely yours in Christ

Rev. Yeo Chek Chee
Moderator of 43th -44th General Assembly, Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia GPM
Mok Cheh Liang (Elder)
GPM General Secretary


We are deeply concerned and express our sincerest sympathy to all who have been affected by intensity 6.4 magnitude earthquake on the night of February 6, in Taiwan. We have been informed by your information bulleting at as of February 8 there were four fatalities, 219 injured and 173 persons unaccounted for, at the time of writing.

Also we know that the tedious search and rescue operations have been done for the last few days and that the government, various NGOs and the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) have mobilized its personnel and resources in supporting relief and rehabilitation work for all those who are homeless and those needing medical and health services.

We share with you the faith and confidence that, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear though the earth should change, through the mountains shake in the heart of the seas; though the waters roar and foam, though the mountains tremble in tumult. The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.” (Psalm 46:1-3, 11).

Since the earthquake occurred last week, the PROK have been interceding to our gracious and loving God to uphold and strengthen the hands of the PCT disaster response team especially those who tirelessly work in the rescue centers and all the church leaders in the affected local communities and the four presbyteries: East Presbytery, Turuku Presbytery, Pangcah (Amis) Presbytery and Bunun Presbytery.

As the Lunar New Year approaches, the PROK churches will be encouraged to pray for all victims and survivors of natural calamities, as South Koreans are no longer exempt from experiencing earthquakes and we are aware of what it takes to face their consequences, just like what happened last year and another one few days ago in Pohang City.

We express our solidarity and deep concern for all who suffer and share their hopes for healing and restoration. May God’s love and peace be with you all.

Rev. Dr. Jae-Cheon LEE
General Secretary
The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)


Submitted by:普世關係委員會
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