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Date: 14 February, 2018 Issue No. 005

Taiwan Ecumenical Forum for Justice and Peace (TEF)


  I am delighted to inform our partners and ecumenical organizations that the Taiwan Ecumenical Forum for Justice and Peace (TEF) has been launched. This was a key recommendation of the International Forum organized by the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) in February 2017. The ecumenical organizations helped the PCT in the planning. This 2017 Forum recognized that the recent developments in Taiwan both within and without the church have not been made well-known outside Taiwan, including the challenges facing the PCT life and witness. We are deeply grateful to our partners for encouraging us to be pro-active in sharing our story and we are equally thankful that our partners will be in solidarity with us as we endeavor to be faithful to our calling as God’s instrument of justice, peace and spiritual renewal in our own land.

  We are deeply appreciative to the World Communion of Reformed Churches General Council, at its meeting in Leipzig in July 2017, for welcoming the establishment of TEF.

  In launching the TEF, we have consulted widely with the ecumenical organizations to which the PCT belongs. We are very pleased that there has been an enthusiastic affirmation of the purpose of the TEF as stated in its Terms of Reference.  TEF is a PCT mission priority and is our warm invitation to our partners and the whole ecumenical movement to accompany us to journey together for justice and peace, including transitional justice, human rights and the sovereignty of Taiwanese people.

  The TEF will be guided by a Steering Group comprised of ecumenical partners and a select group of PCT partners. The Steering Group will have its inaugural meeting on February 22-23 in Taipei. The PCT is immensely privileged and honored to have as the co-conveners Rev. Dr. Collin Cowan, General Secretary, Council for World Mission (CWM) and Rev. Dr. Chris Ferguson, General Secretary, World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC). Others who will be attending are:
Rev. Glynis Williams, Associate Secretary, International Ministries, Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC);
Rev. Makoto Kato Executive Secretary for Ecumenical Ministries United Church of Christ in Japan (UCCJ);
Rev. Dr. Christof Theilemann, East Asia Secretary, Berliner Missionswerk (BMW);
Ms Sunita Suna, Regional Secretary, Asia Pacific, World Student Christian Federation (WSCF);
Rev. Sung-kook Park, Ecumenical Officer, Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK).
We await confirmation of participation from the Philippines.
The United Reformed Church (URC) has agreed to be a member of the Steering Group but is unable to attend this first meeting. The Christian Conference of Asia will make a decision at its Executive Committee in July this year.
  台灣普世論壇(TEF)將由一個執行小組(Steering Group, SG)來帶領,執行小組的成員包含一部份普世機構的代表,以及一些PCT合作教會的代表。執行小組將於今年2月22-23日於台北舉行首次會議。PCT非常地榮幸能有以下兩位作為TEF的共同召集人:
世界傳道會(CWM)總幹事Dr. Collin Cowan牧師、普世改革宗教會聯盟(WCRC)總幹事Dr. Chris Ferguson牧師。
加拿大長老教會普世助理總幹事Glynis Williams牧師、日本基督教團(UCCJ)普世執行幹事Makoto Kato牧師、柏林差會(BMW)東亞幹事Dr. Christof Theilemann牧師、世界學生基督徒聯盟(WSCF)亞太區幹事Sunita Suna小姐、韓國基督教長老會(PROK)普世幹事Park, Sung-kook牧師。

  The PCT representatives to the Steering Group will be Prof. Victor Hsu, Rev. Joshua Lian, Ms. Nancy Lin and Rev. Sudu Tada.
  代表PCT的執行小組成員有:徐望志教授、連振翔牧師、鄭明敏老師與Sudu Tada牧師。

  The agenda of the Steering Group will be quite full including expectations by participants, update by the PCT and detailed planning for the meeting of the whole Forum later in the year, the theme and resource persons. There will also be Steering Group organizational matters to be decided upon.


陳明志                   林芳仲

Rev. Tan Beng-Chi               Rev. Lyim Hong-Tiong
PCT Moderator, 62nd General Assembly     PCT General Secretary
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