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Teenagers Affirmed By Copying Rev Barclay’s Dedication Prayer

Taiwan Church News
3523 Edition
September 2 – 8, 2019
Church Ministry

Teenagers Affirmed By Copying Rev Barclay’s Dedication Prayer

Reported by Hung Tai-yang

Seven 16-year-old church teenagers, attending the TCN(Taiwan Church News) event of celebrating the 170th anniversary of Rev Thomas Barclay, was awarded by TCN for their diligent manual copying of Barclay’s famous dedication prayer – a humble pledge practiced incessantly during his whole life since Barclay was a teen of 16-year-old. Noteworthy is that three of these seven teenagers came from the Tung-Ah-Kah Presbyterian Church of Hsin-Chu Presbytery.

Mrs Zau Wang-ru, pastor’s wife of Tung-Ah-Kah Church, expressed that she was very surprised to learn three teenagers calmly delivering their copied manuscripts of Barclay’s dedication prayer after a special TCN event of remembering Rev Barclay was revealed at a TKC assembly on July 27.

Most of these teenagers come from families whose parents are still in prison, said Mrs Zau. She is very amazed and thankful to see these kids willing to copy and learn Barclay’s dedication prayer with a peaceful mind, especially it is not easy for teenage boys in an energetic TKC assembly.

Translated by Peter Wolfe

Submitted by:Taiwan Church Press
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