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Ong Iok-tek Memorial Museum Opened In His Tainan Residence

Taiwan Church News
3472 Edition
September 10 – 16, 2018
Headline News

Ong Iok-tek Memorial Museum Opened In His Tainan Residence

Reported by Chen Yi-fan

In the afternoon on September 9, an opening ceremony for Ong Iok-tek Memorial Museum is held under the witness of Mr Chang Shao-yuan, Vice Mayor of Tainan City, and Ong’s family. This museum is located inside the famous Tainan Wu Garden, about 100 meters away from Ong’s residence.

To commemorate Ong’s unique contribution to Taiwanese culture and the independence movement, not only the interior of Ong’s studying room in Japan and his all publications of the Taiwanese language are shown, but also the only handbag accompanying Ong when he was forced to flee to Japan is demonstrated inside this museum.

Dr Wu Mi-cha, President of Taiwan’s Academia Historical, praises Ong Iok-tek as a pioneering thinker of Taiwan independence movement. Ong’s insightful and penetrating studies about Taiwan’s languages, history and culture functions as solid foundation for the Taiwanese to become a genuine people and establish an independent country, Dr Wu says.

Mr Chen Nan-tien, President of World United Formosans for Independence, remarks that Ong was unquestionably a prophet of Taiwan Independence movement about 58 years ago, since his publication of the magazine of Taiwan Youth at Tokyo in 1960, urging Taiwanese to walk in a new path of independence, nation-building and self-autonomy governance.

Ong’s widow(Mrs Ong Hsua-Muei), daughter(Ong Bing-li) and grand-daughter(Kondo Aya)also attend this significant opening ceremony to pay tributes to Ong’s writings in Taiwanese languages studies and his cultural legacy left for Taiwan society.

Mr Yeh Tse-shan, Director General of Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government, expresses in the opening ceremony that this is a historical day for Taiwan’s transitional justice!

Mr Yeh sincerely wishes, through this Ong Iok-tek Memorial Museum, that the brothers of Ong Iok-tek and Ong Iok-lin(a respected prosecutor murdered in 228 massacre by KMT) can be commemorated, their family comforted, and Taiwan public educated to learn more lessons from modern Taiwan history.

Translated by Peter Wolfe

Submitted by:Taiwan Church Press
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