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Kaohsiung Assistive Device Resources Center Help The Disabled In Distant Villages

Taiwan Church News
3469 Edition
August 20 – 26, 2018
Church Ministry

Kaohsiung Assistive Device Resources Center Help The Disabled In Distant Villages

Reported by Lin Wang-ting

Though rain keeps falling on Taiwan island in recent weeks, God’s love and peace never stops for his beloved people, especially the disabled ones living in far-fetched tribal villages!

On August 15, an assistive device service group, sponsored by Kaohsiung City Government and commissioned to PCT’s Peace Foundation, is sent to the Chien-San Li’s Assembly Hall of Tao-yuan district of Kaohsiung City to repair and maintain kinds of assitive devices for the disabled. With church volunteers, social workers and maintenance technicians, this assistive device service group also visit the households in needs.

For example, the maintenance technician efficiently instruct how to use an adjustable fast-belt on the electric bed for brother Lin, a member of Chien-San Presbyterian Church of Southern Bunun Presbytery, who has been lying on bed for years due to viral infection.

In a missionary spirit, serving the people wherever in need, this Kaohsiung service group of assistive device will not only visit the needy in the mountain, those disabled compatriots in coastal villages are also their concerns. People, who need their service, can visit their website at www.peacefoundation.org.tw or contact Ms Hung, telephone number as ext. 113 of 07-6006730.

Translated by Peter Wolfe

Submitted by:Taiwan Church Press
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