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Contextual Bible Studies As A Praxis Capability Of Church Youth

Taiwan Church News
3465 Edition
July 23-29, 2018
Church Ministry

Contextual Bible Studies As A Praxis Capability Of Church Youth

Reported by Chen Yi-fan

On July 21, a training seminar for 60 youth staffs of Southern Bunun Presbytery was held at Ai-Non Presbyterian Church. Rev Huang Chung-seng, pastor of Chi-nan Presbyterian Church, together with two Bible studies groups from PCT College Student Center of Taipei and Tainan, were invited to share their methods and thoughts in a contextual Bible studies.

Evangelist Isbalagan Samai encouraged these youth staffs to do their best in this Bible studies seminary via using a checklist system similar to aboriginal warrior’s merit records. In the meantime, to show their support for seeking a revival through studying the Bible, Rev Liyuan, moderator of General Assembly of Southern Bunun Presbytery, and many other pastors, accompanied these youth staffs from the beginning of the seminary to the end of it.

In the opening service, Evangelist Isbalagan Samai shared how his curious interest to read more into the Bible, enroll in the seminary and finally become an evangelist was triggered by a very revealing question recorded in Acts 8:30: “Do you understand what you are reading?”, posed by Philip to the Ethiopian Eunuch who was reading the book of Isaiah on his way returning home. He, therefore, advised these youth staffs: let no one despise your youth, as you are church’s valuable utensils to serve God and help people!

Rev Huang Chung-seng reminded the seminar members that a contextual Bible studies requires a perspective from the social bottom. “If there are no voice from the marginalized, like those of the lamed, the blind, the ill, the poor and etc., can we find Jesus in the Bible?”, asked Rev Huang.

Quoting Rom12:16, “do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly”, Rev Huang asked the audience a sharp question: how can we associate with the lowly and throw away our boasting of whatever stripes of pride, if an eye-to-eye contact cannot be given to those desperately in need? Rev Huang, therefore, reminded that the gospel should be proclaimed in the languages that each generation could receive and understand.

In the same vein, the ideal program of contextual Bible studies gives fair chance to each participator and listens to their voices carefully, said Rev Huang, adding that the ultimate goal for everyone engaged in Bible studies is to cultivate a praxis capability the respond the Bible messages with insight, judgement and action!

Translated by Peter Wolfe

Submitted by:Taiwan Church Press
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