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Beimenyu Chuch Installs Solar Panel To Save Cost And Care Environment

Taiwan Church News
3434 Edition
18 – 24 December, 2017
Church Ministry

Beimenyu Chuch Installs Solar Panel To Save Cost And Care Environment

Reported by Chen Yi-fan

On December 16, many members of Green Energy Workshop For Public Goods took part in an event, jointly organized by Taiwan Environmental Protection Union(TEPU), J&V Energy Technology Co., Citi Bank and Taiwan Renewable Energy Alliance(TRENA), installing solar panels on the building belonging to Beimenyu PresbyterianChurch.

Through this event, these green workshop members could not only absorb more theoretical knowledge about green energy, but also learn how to proceed a practical assembly of solar panels on the top of household building. Every workshop member signed their name on the solar panel which they installed to mark their engagement in an official launch of this Optical-Electrical Power System from December 17.

Evangelist Pan Ya-hsin, deputy pastor of Beimenyu Presbyterian Church, explained why J&V Energy Technology, New Green Power and Neo Solar Power Corp were recruited via a consultation with TEPU and finally they were all generously willing to help install these solar panels for the church.

This is because, on the one hand, this project is due to the high electricity cost spent in last summer for taking care of the curriculum of parish children; on the other hand, these solar energy companies were touched by the story that Beimenyu Presbyterian Church was once a renown charity center offering medical service to those helpless blackfoot disease patients, Evangelist Pan remarked.

After a site evaluation by the installment engineers of solar panel, a 3.12 kW optical-electrical power station could be set up for Beimenyu Presbyterian Church. Generating the electricity of 4,161 kWh per annum, this newly install solar panel device could save NTD 20,000 and reduce coal emission 2,200 kgs every year.

Translated by Peter Wolfe

Submitted by:Taiwan Church Press
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