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A Kernel Of Wheat Foundation Unveils A Catering Service To Elder In Eastern Taiwan

Taiwan Church News
3432 Edition
December 4 – 10, 2017
Church Ministry

A Kernel Of Wheat Foundation Unveils A Catering Service To Elder In Eastern Taiwan

Reported by Simon Lin

In the past 15 years, A Kernel of Wheat Foundation, which was a charity organization founded by Tatung Christian Hospital, had served the disabled elders living isolated in eastern Taiwan with meals and medical care. Cooperating with a new charity program of the renown 7-11 convenience chain store, A Kernel of Wheat Foundation launched a ministry of “tribal kitchen” and a “fast way meals” at Luye tribe from the end of November.

Being capable of serving 60 isolated elders with meals per day and holding a communal meal service twice per week at Luye Elder Day Care Center, this newly established Luye tribal kitchen officially became the third meal service location planted by A Kernel of Wheat Foundation in Hualien-Taitung Valley of eastern Taiwan.

As for the elder, whose age are above 50-year-old, are mostly puzzled by three practical concerns: how to live their daily lives independently, how to eat in a healthy and nutritious diet, and how to locate a convenient medical service, A Kernel of Wheat Foundation plans to expand their ministry in the future into a more comprehensive service: i.e. not only serves meals in tribal kitchen, but also serves the elder with food bank service, simple shopping, accompany, electric repair, plumber maintenance, medical diagnostics and etc.

Translated by Peter Wolfe

Submitted by:Taiwan Church Press
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