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Reconciliation In Thanksgiving: Hospital Name Plaque Returned To 228 Massacre Victim

Taiwan Church News
3431 Edition
November 27 – December 3, 2017
Church Ministry

Reconciliation In Thanksgiving: Hospital Name Plaque Returned To 228 Massacre Victim

Reported by Chen Yi-fan

On November 26, in the 101th anniversary thanksgiving service of Fong-Ling Presbyterian Church of Taitung Presbytery, a very special reconciliatory event due to 228 massacre was made public between the families of Dr Liu Bang-seng, former director of Fong-Ling health clinic, and the families of Dr Chang Chi-lang, a renown local doctor at eastern Taiwan, who was brutally murdered with his two sons by KMT troops in 228 massacre event.

During the service, a hospital name plaque, “Ren Ai Yi Yuan”(Charity Hospital), was returned from Mr Liu Chin- song, the youngest son of Dr Liu Bang-seng to the families and descendants of Dr Chang Chi-lang including Dr Chang’s fourth son – Rev Chang Bing-ren, Mrs Chang Yu-chan – Dr Chang’s third daughter-in-law – with her daughter, son-in-law and grandson.

The families of Dr Liu said they were deeply appreciated of the kindness and generosity that the widow of Dr Chang would agree Dr Liu to succeed the hospital’s name and its wooden plaque in the past 59 years. And it’s a pity that there was always a rumor, due to some erroneous reports and files, that described Dr Liu’s adoption of this hospital name and its plaque as a shameful appropriation, Mr Liu Chin-song said.

Rev Lee Mau-chong, pastor of Fong-Ling Presbyterian Church, expressed that for years the families of Dr Liu felt painful by this rumor yet without a proper chance to explain and clarify. But, in the mercy of God bringing in a totally unexpected encounter at a charity medical service for communities held by Fong-Ling Presbyterian Church and Hsin-tien’s Top Church, a frank talk and mutual understanding was finally reached between Mr Liu Chin-song and Mrs Chang Yu-chan.

Finally, at the 101th anniversary of Fong-Ling Presbyterian church, they decided to release all their psychological burdens and sufferings via an event of reconciliation before the cross to witness God’s eternal and compassionate love.

Translated by Peter Wolfe

Submitted by:Taiwan Church Press
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