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Editorial: Do not doubt – He is risen, indeed!

3136 Edition
April 2~8, 2012

Translated by Lydia Ma

Easter Sunday marks the day when Jesus rose from the dead after dying on the cross to save the world. Jesus’ resurrection and his appearing to many people are recorded in the gospels of Mark and John and later supported by the testimony of the apostle Paul (see 1 Corinthians 15:14-17). Rev. Dr. David Wesley Soper, a 20th century Methodist pastor in the U.S.A, once said that Jesus’ resurrection pulled back the curtain between heaven and earth and afforded us a peek at what life after death looks like.

Lee Strobel, a former award-winning legal editor of The Chicago Tribune was a professional journalist specializing in investigative reporting before he became a Christian. As an expert on judicial cases, he emphasized on the importance of in court cases and deemed mere personal convictions as inadmissible, insufficient and unconvincing proofs. Though many people had shared the gospel with Strobel over the years, he refused to believe because he thought these people had no evidence to back their claims.

When Strobel’s wife accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior one day, he was greatly perturbed and feared that his wife would turn into a narrow-minded legalist. To his surprise, his wife’s personality changed for the better and she became more optimistic and self-confident than ever before. Ever the inquisitive journalist, Strobel began to investigate Jesus’ resurrection as he would investigate a court case through mechanisms normally used in court proceedings, including the use of eye witnesses, formal documents, circumstantial evidences, counter-evidences, medical evidences, scientific studies, and even fingerprints. He also talked with 13 internationally renowned Bible scholars in person.

After 2 years of extensive investigations, Strobel concluded to his surprise that Jesus’ resurrection was neither a myth nor a superstition, but rather a historical fact. Deeply impacted by his findings, Strobel not only accepted Christ but also became a devout Christian. His journey to uncover the truth for himself later became a best-selling Christian apologetics book titled The Case for Christ.

Strobel’s initial goal in investigating Jesus’ resurrection was to uncover the truth. If Jesus’ resurrection were an hoax, he would lay out all evidences he’d found and counter one of the central claims of Christianity as a fallacy. To his surprise, he discovered after extensive investigation that Christ’s resurrection was indeed true, came to Christ, and then wrote The Case for Christ, which has become a Christian apologetics classic.

In The Case for Christ, Strobel wrote that in the process of investigating whether the resurrection was true, he had put aside all personal prejudices, researched many books , asked many questions, delved into historical and archaeological evidences, and read the Bible from cover-to-cover for the first time in his life. He underscored that never before had he been as focused in uncovering the truth behind a case.

We can be thankful on this Easter that through the power of Jesus’ resurrection, not only did Christ achieve salvation for us, but also demonstrated God’s incomparable love toward us. Jesus’ death and resurrection are the foundations of Christianity – freeing us from the slavery of sin and cementing our hope for everlasting life.

Submitted by:Taiwan Church Press
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