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57th PCT General Assembly Annual Convention set to begin on April 10

3136 Edition
April 2-8, 2012
General Assembly News
Reported by Lin Yi-ying

Written by Lydia Ma

The 57th PCT General Assembly Annual Convention will take place at Changhua Christian Hospital on April 10-13, 2012. Items on this year’s agenda include electing a new moderator, vice-moderator, clerk and treasurer, as well as electing a new General Secretary. Delegates representing Christian organizations in South Korea, Japan, Canada, USA, Germany, India, Malaysia, and the Christian Council of Asia will also attend this meeting, as well as Taiwanese delegates representing the Catholic Church, the Methodist Church, and other churches will also attend this convention.

Because the theme of this year’s general assembly is “Loving our country -Taiwan; sharing the gospel everywhere”, the General Assembly has invited US missionary Milo Thornberry to come to Taiwan and speak on “The People I Met on the Way to Jericho” wherein he will also share about how he helped Professor Peng Ming-min, a democracy activist, escape to the USA.

To help various Christian media outlets in Taiwan better understand the day-to-day developments of this year’s convention, PCT Associate General Secretary Kho Sing-doh and the General Assembly’s news team has arranged a dinner meeting with reporters to discuss the schedule of events ahead of time. As in previous years, the election of new leaders such as moderator, vice-moderator, clerk and treasurer, etc. will take place on the evening of the first day of the convention followed by an installation and handover ceremony, while the election of the General Secretary will take place on the following day in the morning. Kho underscored that no matter who is elected to the General Assembly as General Secretary or other positions, it is imperative that everyone realize that God is present and in control.

Submitted by:Taiwan Church Press
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