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Mourning A Never-Met Father 2019/05/149
The 40th Anniversary Of Taiwan Relations Act Celebrated Through A Book Launch 2019/05/1410
“Fridays For Future, PCT” Launched In Passion Week To Remember Jesus 2019/05/0812
Paiwan Presbytery Mission Center To Be Rebuilt With Love 2019/04/2329
Plastic Microbeads Surround Taiwan Island And Enter Into Our Food Chain 2019/01/23341
Thai-Peng-Keng Church Cater For The Homeless At New Year Eve 2019/01/14326
Anti-Colonial Movement Remembered 30 Years After Wu Feng Statute Pulled Down 2019/01/14282
The Collected Works Of John Lai Endorsed As The Classic Writings Of Taiwan Church History 2019/01/14281
A Funeral Service Held On Street For A Suicide Gay Christian 2019/01/08297
Changhua Christian Hospital Bring Christmas Greeting And Flash Dancing Into Local Community 2019/01/08274
PCT Raises Fund For Tsunami Victims After Krakatau Volcano Eruption 2019/01/08136
1,505 Political Prisoners Exonerated On The Eve Of Human Rights Day 2019/01/03209
PCT Open Letter To Taiwan: Let’s March Forward In Democracy With Love And Tolerance 2019/01/03236
Biblical Story, Jonah And The Whale, Played In Taiwanese Opera 2019/01/03243
Civic Groups Urge Government To Set Up Hoklo Public TV Station ASAP 2019/01/03240
Taiwan Ecumenical Forum Launched To Pursue Justice And Peace In East Asia 2018/12/17294
Female Theologians Share Their Thoughts On Role of Women In Pilgrimage Of Justice And Peace 2018/12/17169
Farmer Rights Activist Tai Chen-yao Remembered One Year Later After His Death 2018/12/17171
Anti-Nuclear Environmental Groups Stand Firm, Even Though Pro-Nuclear Referendum Passed 2018/12/10195
Prize-Winning Documentary Director Fu Yue Visits PCT General Assembly 2018/12/10164
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