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The Second Mission Consultation of PCT and CCT

Reported by Olivia Lin
Translated by Rachel Chen
Edited by Carys Humphreys

The Second Mission Consultation of PCT and CCT

On October 29-30, 2019, the Second Mission Consultation of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) and the church of Christ in Thailand (CCT) was held at Our Lady of Providence Girls' High School, New Taipei City, Taiwan. The thirty-five representatives of CCT led by Vice Moderator, Rev. Virat Koydul and General Secretary, Rev. Sayam Muangsak, included Presbytery (Pahk) Moderators and Coordinators, GA Programme Directors, and Directors of CCT related hospitals, were warmly welcomed by PCT officers and general secretariat, Rev. Tan Kian-Gak (PCT Moderator), Rev. Abus Takisvilainan (PCT Vice Moderator), Rev. Chhi Sin-Tek (PCT Clerk), and Rev. Lyim Hong-Tiong (PCT General Secretary). Also participating in the Mission Consultation were Rev. Lin Jen-Shan, retired and former PCT missionary to CCT, Rev. Kang, Wen-Hsiang, PCT missionary in Bangkok, and Rev. Thuanthong Sodthaisong, CCT missionary in Taipei. The programme included mutual dialogue on mission, theological education, Senior Care, and medical treatment.

Rev. Tan Kian-Gak hosted the Opening Service, and later PCT and CCT presented gifts to each other. During the meeting, Rev. Lyim Hong-Tiong and Rev. Sayam Muangsak (CCT General Secretary) respectively briefed the participants on Taiwan and Thailand’s history, mission, and current challenges. Rev. Lyim thoroughly described the situation in Taiwan and ecumenical ministries, focusing on three main ministries, Taiwan Ecumenical Forum for Justice and Peace (TEF), the Indigenous Ancestral Land and Transitional Justice, and Long-term care 2.0 plan and Senior-Friendly Church Development.

Rev. Lyim Hong-Tiong, PCT General Secretary, briefing the representatives on the Context in Taiwan and Ecumenical Missions

Rev. Sayam Muangsak, CCT General Secretary, sharing ministries in Thailand

Rev. Sayam Muangsak shared the Christian history in Thailand. He said that the Gospel was flourishing in Thailand in 1551, and later in 1828, many missionaries went to Thailand to preach; Thailand had its own native preachers in 1929. The monarchy of Thailand was ended in 1932 and transitioned towards democracy. The government of Thailand currently recognizes five Christian denominations, namely, Catholic Church, Church of Christ in Thailand, Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand (EFT), Southern Baptist Convention, and Seventh-day Adventist.

Location of 22 Pahks (Presbyteries)

Rev. Sayam said that CCT is the biggest church organization in Thailand. Based on region and race, CCT has 22 pahks (presbyteries) and holds the General Assembly every two years. CCT’s structure is composed of 5 ministries and 17 departments in total. According to the recent CCT Statistics, the number of CCT church members is about 210,000, 1762 pastoral, 1731 churches, and 114 missionaries (The maximum quota of missionaries allocated to CCT is 117.) More than half of the parishes are in Northern Thailand, only one parish is in Northeastern Thailand (Thai workers in Taiwan mainly come from here), and three parishes are in Southern Thailand. CCT manages 27 schools, 3 international schools, 2 universities, 8 Christine Hospitals. Because CCT is planning to build another hospital, the dean and president of Christian Hospital in Thailand visited Changhua Christian Hospital in Taiwan. CCT has 7 seminaries; Bethel Bible Institute (BBI) in Thailand has Mandarin Chinese Department, but it is short of teachers. Missionaries are able to study Thai language for one year at Bethel Bible Seminary. Because each mission has its quota for missionaries, it is not easy to send new missionaries to Thailand; however, the Gospel could be preached by different professionals. Rev. Sayam noted that 36th CCT General Assembly will be held on September 19-23, 2020 under the theme “We are the light of the World.” Churches, organizations, and hospitals collectively will draw up plans for 7 aims, and CCT will invite PCT to attend 36th CCT General Assembly.

Rev. Li Sin-Jin, PCT Programme Secretary of Youth Ministry Committee sharing EYEP ministry

Rev. Thaworn Sribuaal, Director of CCT Youth Unit, sharing EYEP ministry

Later in the afternoon, respective Programme Secretaries of Youth Ministry from PCT and CCT shared about their mission. Since 2004, PCT and CCT have cooperated in a biennial activity called Ecumenical Youth Exchange Program (EYEP) initiated by PCT. Rev. Li Sin-Jin, PCT Programme Secretary of Youth Ministry Committee, said that PCT Youth also participated in Asia Christian Youth Conference (ACYC), hosted by CCT, in 2017 and 2018. PCT Youth is looking forward to taking part in CCT Youth Assembly 2019 and CCT General Assembly. Rev. Li suggested that CCT could send their youth to participate in PCT’s I Love Taiwan Mission (ILT) and Youth Mission Consultation. Both sides can discuss issues on labors, migrant workers, youth poverty through TEF platform. Later in the day, Rev. Thuanthong Sodthaisong, missionary pastor based at the Thai Mission Center in Taipei, and Rev. Kang, Wen-Hsiang, missionary pastor in Bangkok, shared their precious experiences on serving local people and churches.

Rev. Thuanthong Sodthaisong, preacher of Thailand Missionary Center

Rev. Kang, Wen-Hsiang, missionary in Bangkok sent by PCT

On October 30 afternoon, PCT and CCT drew up the following Joint Statement::
  1. Organize a mission consultation between PCT and CCT every 2 years to strengthen the relationship, closer cooperation, and development of missions to be more up-to-date and effective.
  2. Expand a holistic cooperation between national and regional churches (presbyteries/pahks), program units, educational institutions, and medical institutions.
  3. Promote and provide opportunities for short- or long-term exchanges of personnel in various fields, such as missionaries, ministers, seminary students, women, young people, students, internship, professors and specialists, for Christian fellowship, mutual enrichment, communication, study and observation.
  4. Promote exchange information to enable us to understand each other’s context and fulfill our commitment to mutual support.
  5. Consultation identifies the following areas: theological education, senior citizen’s care, indigenous transitional justice, the prophetic call to journey together with the PCT in pursuit of justice for the people of Taiwan and Asia-Pacific, Taiwan’s sovereignty, micro economic development, climate change, human trafficking and migration.
  6. Detail of specific cooperative programs shall be set forth in a separate document and will contain both programmatic and financial arrangement.
  7. In principle, each party shall be responsible for financial expenses of travel, accommodation and so on, for personnel it may send overseas and participate in the programs. If deems necessary, other arrangements may be made by mutual agreement.
  8. Both Parties promise to fulfill their responsibility willing to pray, co-operate and contribute to the cause of mission for the glory of the Lord and the welfare of His people.

Singing in her native Bunun language and melody, PCT Vice Moderator, Rev. Abus Takisvilainan, blessed the future cooperation between PCT and CCT during the Closing Service.

Following the consultation CCT representatives made a brief stop at PCT General Assembly Office before continuing their journey to visit Changhua Christian Hospital and Yuanlin Christian Hospital on October 30-31. They especially wanted to understand how Smart Hospital works and operates. CCT is looking forward to cooperating with Changhua Christian Hospital in the future.

CCT representatives visited Changhua Christian Hospital

CCT and PCT Group Photo at Our Lady of Providence Girls' High School, New Taipei City, Taiwan

CCT and PCT Group Photo at the General Assembly Office of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

PCT-CCT Statement_of_Cooperation 中英.doc

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