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The 23rd World Taiwanese Culture Summit @Los Angels

Time: 2019.08.25 10am to 2019.08.27 1pm

Location: 2079 Lomita Blvd, Lomita, CA Taiwanese Presbyterian Church of South Bay

Theme: Transitional justice and revival of Taiwanese culture.

After decades of tireless efforts by Taiwanese languages movement activists, Taiwan government has finally passed The National Languages Development Act, in which all native Taiwanese languages are recognized as national languages of equal rights with Mandarin Chinese. As a result, Taiwan Public TV service has started Taigi channel which broadcasts Taiwanese speaking programs starting July 1st 2019.

The passage of this Act is an exciting milestone for Taiwanese culture, however it still falls short of the urgent needs required to reverse the rapidly dying trend of Taiwanese languages. With the help from the Taiwanese Culture Ministry and through collaboration of several grassroot Taiwanese Language Movement organizations, including The Taiwanese Writing Forum (Tâi-bûn Thong-sìn, USA), Toronto Taiwanese Language Center (Canada), and Taiwan Romanization Association (Taiwan), the 23rd World Taiwanese Culture Summit will be held in Los Angeles from August 25th to 27th 2019

Culture Minister 鄭麗君, Tēⁿ lē-kun, is scheduled to deliver a welcoming remark video at the opening of the conference, while President 蔡英文 Chhoà eng-bûn will speak via long distance audio-visual at the closing of the Summit.

More than 40 leaders of the Taiwanese Language Movement from Taiwan, Canada, Japan and U.S. will gather in Los Angeles. Bearing in mind of recent passage of the National Language Developing Act, they will conduct in-depth discussions of action plans and strategies for Taiwanese Languages and culture revival. The participants come from diverse professional backgrounds, ranging from distinguished authors, playwright writers, prominent language policy specialists, stage directors, performing artists, computer scientists, and educators. Their average age is in the forty.

The programing Director Mr. Lu Tang-hi of the Taigi Channel will be meeting KCET’s Senior Director of Communications and its Programming and Scheduling Program Director Mr. Dwayne Bright to discuss potential future corporation between the two. KCET is a widely received public T.V. stations that plays a vital role in the cultural and educational enrichment of Southern and Central California. Taigi Channel of the Taiwan public T.V. Service will also send a reporting crew to cover the entire 23rd Taiwanese Culture Summit.

There are eight 90 minuet seminars of various topics, including Historical and current overviews of Taiwanese Language Movement, The Transitional Justice and Revival for Taiwanese Culture, Performing Arts, Taiwanese Media Study and Programing, Taiwanese Language Usage in Medical Field and Other Service Industries. The Taiwanese Opera Trope and Christine’s Creative Performing Art Studio will introduce their recent performances, including a Taiwanese Musical "Saddle Vine's Spring" which is inspired by the memoir of a white terror survivor.

Seminars and lunches are free. Since seating is limited, RSVP to iamkng@outlook.com is requireed.

TeN Liongkng

Chair, The 23rd World Taiwanese Culture Summit

Source⇒Mr. Simon Cheng/CA

Submitted by:資訊中心
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