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An Appeal Regarding Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Movement

An Appeal Regarding Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Movement

Since the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997, the government of China has been gradually gnawing on the independent administrative and legislative systems of Hong Kong. Today, Hong Kong is no longer the “Pearl of the Orient” that was prosperous and free under the U.K. governance. Its people have lost the sense of pride they once held as the citizens of Hong Kong. Millions of immigrants from China shattered the original social order. The living standard and the quality of life in Hong Kong have also deteriorated. The Chief Executive and the Legislative Council of Hong Kong were not elected through general democratic elections, resulting in a pseudo-autonomous government that is fully in the control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). With the CE and pro-Beijing camp “bootlicking” the CCP and serving its will, the guaranteed 50-year period of unchanged status has become a joke.

The proposed amendment of the Hong Kong-China extradition law is, in its essence, an attempt of the CCP to incapacitate the judicial independence of Hong Kong. It has aroused great fear on the island of Hong Kong and led to demonstrations and strikes on an unprecedented scale. Sadly, the CE Carrie Lam responded to the peaceful demonstration with violence, calling civilians riots and shooting unarmed citizens. We strongly denounce this shocking atrocity.

In view of this event, the PCT Indigenous Ministry Committee appeals:

1. To all PCT congregations and its subsidiary organizations - to be concerned for this event, remember the people of Hong Kong, host prayer meetings or public gatherings, voice support for the anti-extradition movement, and work toward the realization of peace. We shall stand together with the Hong Kong churches who have spoken up bravely and support their voices.

2. To the Lam administration - not to resort to violence in response to non-violent, peaceful demonstrations and apologize for the violence it has imposed. The scale of the anti-extradition movement manifests that the government of Hong Kong has lost the trust of the people. The Lam administration must withdraw the bill instead of just postponing it; restart a dialogue with its people, reform the legislative system, and form a truly representative Legislative Council that reflects not the will of CCP but the voice of the people.

3. To the people of Taiwan - to cherish the freedom and democracy on this island, unite against the pro-China powers within the country, speak up against the propagandas of the 92 Consensus, the “one country two systems”, and the “one family on both sides of the Taiwan Straits” so as to eliminate the deception, infiltration, and subversion of authoritarianism and imperial violence. In the face of the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections, we shall strive to overcome our differences and rifts caused by political confrontations, and allow candidates who prioritize the value of Taiwan democracy to continue to guide our nation forward, while advocating for justice, peace, and well-being both within our country and around the globe.

“For the kingdom of God is not food and drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 14:17)

PCT Indigenous Ministry Committee

Chairperson: Fuyan Suda

15 June 2019, Taiwan

(Note: In the event of any discrepancies the original text in Mandarin governs)






主委Fuyan Suda張培理

Submitted by:原宣(教育)
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