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Farewell and Gratitude - An open letter from Rev. Dr. C. M Kao’s children

Farewell and Gratitude

February 14, 2019 was our parents' 61st wedding anniversary and our father went peacefully to be with our Lord late that afternoon. Before noon, we read the Scripture and prayed with our parents by his bedside at De Huei Yuan Conservation Care Center, Tainan, Taiwan. Thank you, Lord, for Your amazing love and grace revealed in the lives of our parents, they have supported each other during the difficult time and have walked on the wonderful path of life within God's presence.

We are deeply grateful for the concern from churches and communities. Medical personnel and church staff who took care of our father attentively especially in his last days; thank you, Lalaurn Church and indigenous community, the Taitung MacKay Memorial Hospital, Elder Kuo Pei-Hung and his wife, Dr. Hsu Chung-Sheng, Sin-Lau Medical Foundation, De Huei Yuan Conservation Care Center. We know our father was touched by and appreciated your goodwill.

On hearing of our father’s passing, we understand many warmhearted sisters and brothers will want to help arrange his funeral service according to the General Assembly, Presbytery and Church traditions; however during the last two weeks of his ill health our father specifically reiterated his “Last Will”, which was written three years ago that he wanted his children to arrange the funeral service. In order to fulfill his wishes we write this for clarification.

Our father informed us he did not desire the usual paper announcement after his departure, he only wanted us to tell relatives and friends about his passing through Line, Taiwan Church News and Presbyterian Church in Taiwan website. We are really appreciative of all the goodwill and intentions of the General Assembly, Presbyteries and communities; nevertheless, our father entrusted his children to plan his funeral service in a simple, plain and solemn way. Please note the traditional expression of condolence couplets, funeral wreaths, baskets and White envelopes are not required in the funeral service. Giving thanks to God with relatives and friends in the funeral service is his desire. The purpose of the funeral service should be to praise God, not a person!

Our father mentioned that in 2016, the then PCT Moderator, Rev. Sudu Tada, and PCT General Secretary, Rev. Lyim Hong-Tiong, visited him when he was ill. Our father expressed his particular thought on his own funeral service, and he said he does not want a General Assembly Funeral. He hoped that they could understand and respect his decision. The PCT Moderator and General Secretary respected his decision and promised him not to go against his decision. Our father was deeply comforted by their understanding.

We believe that Jesus Christ, our savior and redeemer, has received his soul and he is now home with the Lord. We believe that death will be no more; mourning and crying and pain will be no more, for the first things have passed away. We believe that the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them to springs of the water of life. Our father with a new life lives in the Kingdom of God. We will be with him in the Kingdom of God someday.

Below is our father’s Last Will - My Funeral Service, written and signed on 11 December 2015. We are truly thankful for all your concern, love and prayers, and we will follow our father’s wishes and arrange a simple, plain and solemn funeral service. May the Triune God bless you. Sincerely,

Mu-Yuan, Li-Hsiang, Li-Li
慕源 黎香 黎理

My Funeral Service

In my faith, Jesus Christ, my savior and redeemer, “had nowhere to lay his head”. He carried the burden of human beings’ sin and went through his last mile, which was a harsh, solitary and betrayed road. There was no funeral service, and only a few people were present when he died on the cross.

As Jesus’ disciple, when it is my time to go home to the Lord, I want a simple, plain and solemn funeral service to give thanks to my heavenly Father. Please let my children arrange my funeral service, they know what I want.

The purpose of the funeral service is to worship God, not praising personal achievements, displaying ostentation, and having speeches from dignitaries. May those who attend my funeral service sincerely praise the Lord, who gives grace, with mind and soul.

Signed by: Ko Chun Beng

Born: 1929.06.06

Dated: 2015.12.11

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