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The Financial Statement of the “8-8”(Morakot) Flooding as of August 3, 2010

The Financial Statement of the “8-8”(Morakot) Flooding as of August 3, 2010
Revenue Expenditures
Donator Date of
Amount Items of
Amount Details
    Aug. 3, 2010 256,765,359 Fund Raising Activities 1,789,939 Personnel, postage, phone, stationeries, travel, printing, etc
        Rentals for spaces 45,450 Worship space, Rental for training programs.
        Room and Board 100,850 Room and board for relief workers.
        Meals and Food 260,284 Meals and food for relief stations
        Transportation 246,086 Fuel for relief vehicles.
        Freight 54,451 Costs for shipping relief materials.
        Equipments 1,716,948 Office equipments for reconstruction stations.
        Repair and Service 302,450 Repair and service costs for relief vehicles.
        Rental 66,000 Rental for office spaces for reconstruction stations
        Service Charges 19,922 Bank costs for exchanging foreign currencies.
        Taxes and Tariff 64,623 Tariff paid for donated goods from foreign sources
        Relief goods (mostly at the early stage) 1,311,714 Costs of purchasing relief goods, such as rice, instant noodles, toilet papers, etc.  
        Publicity 595,980 Costs of posting financial and progress reports on the newspapers (required by law)
        Miscellaneous 37,158  
        Programs 51,512,936 Expenses for settling the victims, benevolent fund, programs, such as education assistance, counseling, work for relief, agricultural development, etc., run by presbyteries and districts of the PCT.
  Total   256,765,359 Total 58,124,791  

Note: It looks like there still is quite a bit of money left in the account. It is because we have not started spending money in the reconstruction of houses and repair of damaged churches. We have recently signed an agreement with the municipal government of Ping-tung County to build 108 houses, at the cost of $2 million TWD each, and there also are 9 churches to repair or rebuild. The total cost will be $300 million TWD. ($1 USD is about $32 TWD.)

Submitted by:PCT General Assembly
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