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228 Reconciliation and unity prayer
Author/ Ecumenical Committee

On 28 February 2018 Memorial Day, a "228 Reconciliation and Unity Prayer" service was organized jointly by the Roman Catholic Church and the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. This year "228 Reconciliation and Unity Prayer" called for justice and reconciliation for the victims of the 228 massacre. Dr. Chen Chien-jen, Vice President of Taiwan, who is also a Christian and a faithful member of the Catholic Church, lit a candle for prayer.

“We will live in the shadows, if the truth is not revealed. We are frightened. Memory is unreliable and history repeats itself. The conflicts of the races, power, and nations may lead to the shadows, ” said Bishop John Hung Shan-chuan, who led the worship service of "228 Reconciliation and Unity Prayer". He said that the purpose of this worship service was to strengthen the identification of the land, the races and country and to make peace with every person. Through the worship service, he hoped that people can pray for the victims and Taiwan with compassion. May God bring peace and forgiveness.

“King of the King, Lord of the Lord, we reflect upon the 228 massacre. We pray for the authorities, because our leaders should bring out God’s justice, kindness, and mercy. Our leaders should be God’s servants,” prayed Rev. Lyim Hong-Tiong, PCT General Secretary. He lamented the injustice of 228 massacre due to the authorities’ arbitrary behaviors in 1947. May God have mercy on Taiwanese people.

In his message “Christians’ roles and efforts during Transitional Justice”, Mr. Martin Eberts, Director General of the German Institute in Taipei, mentioned that the churches in Germany played significant roles after World War II. They helped to rebuild German society and promote unity of Catholics and Christians in the sense of ecumenical spirit. He suggested that Christians should say no to violence and inhuman ideology. This value is the very essence of German spirit, and it also leads to the German Reunification. The reunification is not from political negotiation but from Faith.

Mr. Robert Seraki Matsebe, Representative of the Liaison Office of South Africa, took Moses as an example in his message. Moses under the death threat challenged racial injustice. Christians should stand firm in the faith and fulfill God’s justice. Victimizers should be told where they are wrong and repent. Mr. Robert Seraki Matsebe recognized that it is the duty of pastors and priests to help the sinners repent. This is the reason why South Africa ended Apartheid.

Through "228 Reconciliation and Unity Prayer", Catholics and Protestants together witness the effort and spirit of ecumenical movement.

photo credit: 林宜瑩/台灣教會公報新聞網

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Submitted by:普世關係委員會
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