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TEF News 2019/05/1369
Stateless and Trafficked People: Our Co- Pilgrims 2019/05/0933
Celebrating! The 70th Anniversary of the Ordination of Women in the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) 2019/03/22481
Farewell and Gratitude - An open letter from Rev. Dr. C. M Kao’s children 2019/02/19239
Welcome to "2019 I Love Taiwan Mission Camp: CORNERS OF GOD'S KINGDOM" 2019/02/142904
On “Striding Bravely Forward" 2019/01/30489
On Safeguarding “Taiwan’s Sovereignty and Dignity” 2019/01/30449
Denounce China’s “Blood Relatives Myth” in Trying to Annex Taiwan 2019/01/30449
Unity in the Face of outside Aggression is our Responsibility 2019/01/30470
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in 2019 2019/01/28411
A Courtesy Visit from the Representatives of the Canadian Trade Office in Taiwan 2019/01/25177
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in 2019 2018/12/04657
A friend of Taiwan and a friend/voice of Seafarers and fishers around the world 2018/10/18568
Indonesia Partners - Deep Condolences from the PCT 10/2 2018/10/02725
CWM CALLS FOR APPLICATION: Training in Mission 2019 2018/10/021325
2018 One-Leads-One, New Doubling Mission 2018/09/07229
Japan Hokkaido Earthquake News – Deep Condolences from the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) 2018/09/07739
Youth volunteers say farewell to the PCT 2018/08/20557
Taiwan’s International Status 2018/07/23390
Chiau-Ai Presbyterian Church ILTM team visited the PCT General Assembly Office 2018/07/11838
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