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CWM: Women of Worth Podcasts

Women of Worth (Dissenting Women) is a series of podcasts by Council for World Mission (CWM). Thisseries is part of our efforts to challenge thought and instigate action – as well as starting conversations on issuesand topics which beckon for attention and response. Produced by the CWM staff in the East and South Asia andCaribbean regions, this series features voices of women across the regions of CWM through interviews,conversations and presentations.

Four topics will be covered in nine podcasts which will be focused on women whose actions challenged the statusquo of patriarchy in their societies. Each podcast will feature biblical characters who were dissenting women whoacted in the face of patriarchy - systemic exclusion of women and preferential favour of men particularly inleadership. The topics will reflect SMART women, using the stories of Esther and Rahab; SHAMED womenusing the stories of Tamar and the unnamed woman caught in the act of adultery; STRONG women, using thestories of Deborah and Rebekah; and SILENCED women, using the stories of Vashti and Hagar. These podcastswill provide opportunity to explore topics such as gender-based violence, intimate partner abuse and incest.

The series will feature voices of women across the regions of CWM through interviews, conversations andpresentations and is produced by the CWM staff team in the East and South Asia and Caribbean regions.

Visit https://www.cwmission.org/wow to listen to the series.


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