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RCA: Worship Resources for Celebrating Women in Ministry Sunday

Joel Muniz/unsplash

Women in Ministry Sunday has historically fallen on the third Sunday in May for churches in the Reformed Church in America. This day can get lost in the shuffle of graduations, end of the year ministry celebrations, and the overall busyness of the month of May. This year, the celebration of this day is made even more complicated by the necessity of social distancing measures and the suspension of in-person worship gatherings in many places around the world. Even still, Women in Ministry Sunday is an opportunity to celebrate the way God has gifted and called women throughout history and in your own congregation.

Here’s a round-up of worship resources you can use to celebrate the ministry of women during a service, whether virtual or in-person. In addition to these worship resources, offered below, your church may be interested in the She Is Called Women of the Bible Study, now available online and as a PDF download.

This study digs deeper into the stories of women in Scripture and inspires us to celebrate both these biblical women and the women in our own lives and congregations who are answering God’s call to lead and serve—in whatever way that might be. From Mary and Elizabeth to Zipporah and Rizpah, this Bible study returns to the beautiful stories of Scripture in order to inspire men and women alike in their spiritual journeys. As your congregation or ministry setting seeks to celebrate Women in Ministry Sunday, this Bible study is a resource that could be used as a virtual Bible study, a guide for personal study, or even the springboard to a future sermon series.

Worship resources

She Is Called

Women of the Bible Study Series

The Bible is full of stories, which we retell to knit us together as a body, to remind us of who we are, and to inspire us as we continue to walk with Christ. The She Is Called Women of the Bible Study was created to help us dig deeply into the stories of biblical women so that we all might be challenged, strengthened, and encouraged in our faith. We read, tell, and engage with these stories—often hidden or untold—not only because they are inspirational, but also because these stories invite us to experience God in ways that are sure to transform our lives. This isn’t just something women need. It is important for both men and women.

This Bible study is composed of nine different sessions. Each session invites you to explore a different biblical story. You can engage this study in a Bible study group or on your own. A diverse team of people connected to the Building God’s Church Together ministry of Reformed Church in America Women’s Transformation and Leadership envisioned and created the study. Those who contributed include experienced pastors and professors of theology, and each session offers a theologically rich, in-depth look at a biblical story for the 21st-century reader.



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