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TEF meeting concludes after three days of intense reflections and deliberations

Press Release 6

1 December 2018

Hsinchu, TAIWAN: The three-day Taiwan Ecumenical Forum (TEF) meeting concluded here with a worship service on 30 November.

Mr Sandy Sneddon of the Church of Scotland delivered a sermon.

The morning worship service was led by Ms Necta Montes, executive secretary of the World Student Christian Federation,

Some 150 ecumenical and Church leaders, Church officials, activists and intellectuals from across the world attended TEF that was organized and hosted by the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT).

One of the highlights of the concluding day was presentations on “Broadening ecumenism as solidarity for justice and peace in Taiwan and beyond.”

Society of the Divine Word Father Jijimon Alakkalam Joseph who is a professor at the Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei felt that despite the contributions of the ecumenical movement to promote justice and peace in the world, “at times we are overwhelmed by the fact that many people in the world today experience justice and peace only as a mirage…and a dream.”

Father Joseph asked whether it is worth investing time, energy and personnel by the ecumenical movement for building justice and peace.

“If churches want to be an instrument of justice and peace in the world, they must demonstrate their interdependence and solidarity…A fragmented church lacks peace within…and such a church can never be a channel and instrument of peace,” Divine Word Father told the gathering.

According to him if the churches want to be instruments of justice and peace in the world, they must demonstrate their interdependence and solidarity among themselves.

During the discussions, Professor Victor Hsu stated that there had been a growing positive relationship between the PCT and the Catholic Church in Taiwan since 1991.

Reverend Sudu Tada, an indigenous person and an ordained minister of the PCT, in his presentation said that learning the worldview of indigenous people, like “treating land as our mother,” can help us promote and justice and peace in the world.

The participants heard bible studies on “Deepening analysis of empire,” by Dr Dario Barolin, Dr Lo Kong-Hi, Dr Yuki Takai-Heller and Bishop Reuel Marigza.

A reflective report, drafted by the Listening and Discernment Group (LDG) was presented for consideration. The moderator of the group, Rev. John Proctor, of the United Reformed Church, UK, said that the report mainly addresses the Steering Group of TEF to offer signposts, directions and questions to assist its task to plan the future work of TEF, and to “help the Steering Group to steer.” The report commended the PCT for its commitment to justice, partnership, friendship, unity, resilience, candour and for taking the voices of youth seriously.

“The Youth Forum that preceded the meeting produced some excellent materials,” the report said adding that “we commend this work warmly to member churches.”

Gender justice, climate justice and economic justice must be a constant challenge in shaping the Church’ wholistic witness, is one of the 13 suggestions and recommendations to the Steering Group.


Dr Victor Hsu, TEF Steering Group Member; and Coordinator, PCT-TEF Task Force

Mobile Number: +886-978004992

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