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CCA invites Applications for 2018 Young Ambassadors of Peace in Asia’ (YAPA) – annual training programme

CCA invites Applications for ‘Young Ambassadors of Peace in Asia’ (YAPA)-2018

YAPA-2017 Students @ Workshop Session

The third session of the Young Ambassadors of Peace in Asia (YAPA), organized annually by the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), to train prospective young peace activists will take place from 14 to 20 October 2018.

The week-long training intends to train and empower a cadre of young peace activists in Asia with a strong sense of commitment to peace and conflict resolution as well as nurturing of interfaith and inter-ethnic harmony.

Through a wide range of formal and informal interactive learning sessions, the participants will be enabled to advance their skills in peace building initiatives and advocacy. Topics that will be discussed elaborately at different sessions include Principles and Frameworks of Peace building; Interreligious Perspectives on Peace with Justice and Human Security; Peace building: Where, When, and How; Understanding the difference between Conflict and Violence; Contextual Analysis of Situations; Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management at the Grassroots; Emergency Response to Conflict Situations and Initiatives for Peace-building; Peacemaking during Armed Conflicts: Role of Military and Civil Society; Strengthening of Civil-Military Relations in Conflict affected areas; Prevention of Religious Animosities and Spreading Flames of Hatred; Reconciliation in Peace-building in religiously and ethnically intolerant communities; Meaning of Non-Violence, and application of Non-Violence as a Spirituality in Action.

The YAPA programme initiated and facilitated by the CCA as part of its new strategic programme direction has enabled 50 young people to undergo training in peace-building during the past two years.

Admissions will be given to 25 candidates selected from among the applicants of YAPA-2018. Selection will be based on competence, ability to contribute and participate in discussions at various segments of the YAPA, as well as the commitment to implement peace-building initiatives upon return to their home countries.

Interested candidates may send their applications to CCA by 20 August 2018.

Please click here for more details about YAPA-2018 and Application/Registration Form.



Note: Interested youth (age 22-30) should APPLY through PCT youth office!

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