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Mission 21 in Asia: Towards Diversity, Subjectivity and Communion

Siraya Fellowship

The 6th Continental Assembly of Asia Fellowship of Mission 21 Partners takes place at PCT Tainan Theological College, Taiwan, from August 1 to August 5, 2018. The participants are from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Indonesia, and each partner church has three delegates whoare National representative, women and youth delegates. The theme for the 6th Continental Assembly is "Towards Diversity, Subjectivity, and Communion - Mission 21 in Asia." Diversity, Subjectivity, and Communion are the very spirit of Oikoumene.

"We gather here to enhance an intimate relationship with God, whom we call the ultimate mystery and the ultimate ground of all beings. We also gather here to enhance an intimate relationship with people and land of Taiwan, who teaches us how to respond to God's unfailing love through their life and faith. We further gather here to share an intimate relationship among participants from ASF's partner churches whose uniqueness will make more 'the goodness of perfection' of this Assembly," said Rev. Kwang Sun Choi, General Coordinator of Asia Fellowship of Mission 21 Partners.

The 6th Continental Assembly consists of conferences for Women, Youth and National Delegates, Book Launch Conference, actions plans, elections for EXCO members and Cultural Excursion. Through theology reflection, Bible study, morning devotion, worship, the Continental Assembly is an opportunity for cultural exchanges among partner churches.

May we journey together in God's love.

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Rev. Kwang Sun Choi,General Coordinator of Asia Fellowship of Mission 21 Partners.

Singing delegates

Rev. Lai, Te-Ching, Programme Secretary of PCT Kakka Mission Committee

Rev. Lien, Chang-Mei

Rev. Sudu Tada

Halim Pratama, Youth delegate from GKPI, Evangelical Christian Church in Tarakan

Rev. Lyim Hong-Tiong, PCT General Secretary

PCT Youth delegate, Grace, Yang, and PCT Woman delegate, Hsieh, Hui-Chi

Hans Lutz introducting Asia Fellowship

Katharina Gfeller talking about Mission 21's Cooperation Programme in Asia

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