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The World Student Christian Federation / SCM Sri Lanka mourns the ghastly acts of terrorism in Sri Lanka

The World Student Christian Federation / SCM Sri Lanka mourns the ghastly acts of terrorism in Sri Lanka

Along with millions of the Christian community, the Christians of Sri Lanka too had assembled in Churches to celebrate the life of the resurrected Christ on the Easter Sunday on April 21 this year. But for many of them, it was the last Easter celebration, as a series of powerful explosions carried out in three churches and several big hotels across Sri Lanka. The famous historic St Anthony's Shrine of Colombo, the St Sebastian's church in the town of Negombo -- north of the capital -- and the Zion Church in the east-coast town of Batticaloa were targeted for this heinous act of terrorism. It's reported that most of these bomb blasts were suicide bombings, killing nearly 300 innocent people, including children and around 500 injured. It is also reported that about 40 foreign nationals were also fatal victims of the bomb blasts. The death toll keeps rising!

We are shocked and outraged at the horrific act of violence against innocent people. the WSCF and SCM Sri Lanka join with the Churches in Sri Lanka and the international communities to condemn this ghastly terrorist attacks against people. We mourn the deaths with the people of Sri Lanka and share our deepest condolences to the bereaved families.

We uphold the people of Sri Lanka in our prayers at this critical time and pray for a speedy recovery of the injured. We also demand from the government of Sri Lanka to initiate an inquiry to find out the motives behind these attacks, since no groups have come out to take responsibilities of the attacks.

May the resurrected Christ brings peace and hope among the people of Sri Lanka and we continue to seek God's guidance, courage, and inspiration to follow the path of peace to overcome violence.

We invite you to uphold the people of Sri Lanka in your prayers.

World Student Christian Federation (Asia Pacific)

Student Christian Movement of Sri Lanka

Source⇒World Student Christian Federation (Asia Pacific)

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