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Declaration on the Normalization and Deepening the Relationship with Taiwan

by the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

20 March 2018

An Open letter to the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, to all countries concerned, and to the Churches worldwide:

We confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord of all humankind and believes that human rights and homeland are gifts bestowed by God. Therefore, we issue this statement concerning the sovereignty and the development of 23 million people of Taiwan.

In the face of China's intentional aggression and absorption of Taiwan, President Trump signed the Taiwan Travel Act (TTA) on 16 March 2018. The TTA has far reaching implications for the development of Taiwan’s diplomatic relations and the sovereignty of Taiwan. We express our appreciation for his sense of justice, peace, and commitment to democratic values and for upholding universal human rights. We also convey our gratitude to President Trump for encouraging visits of officials at all levels between Taiwan and the United States.

With a view to achieving the goal of independence and freedom for the people of Taiwan, based on the principle of justice and peace, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and our faith in Christ, we look forward with anticipation that all countries concerned and Churches throughout the world support our declaration: "The future of Taiwan must be determined by the Taiwanese people." In doing so, we can establish a loving, just and merciful society in Taiwan.

"The effect of righteousness will be peace,
and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever."

(Isaiah 32:17) [NRSV]

Tan Beng-Chi
Moderator of the 62nd General Assembly

Lyim Hong-Tiong
General Secretary

Submitted by:總會常置委員會
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