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Rev. David B Alexander

Rev. David B Alexander 亞大偉 牧師
Reformed Church in America (RCA) 美國歸正教會

Rev. David B Alexander with his wifeMrs. Charlene B. Alexander during PCT 63rd General Assembly. PCTInformation Center/CHEN, I-TING

David Alexander after completing high school 1969 joined the Army (served in Vietnam 1970) he Graduate from College (Spanish) in 1975 and become primary school bilingual teachers’ helper. Dave first arrived Taiwan in 1976 as part of the PCT General Assembly Campus Ministries Summer English Program (SEP) for eight (8) weeks and continued as a short term missionary partner for a further two years under Tainan Presbytery Student Centre and Pingtung Student Centre respectively. In 1979 he returned to USA for further study to complete his masters programs (1980 Master of arts, Theology 1981 Master of Education). In 1980 he married Charlene Bos. Shortly after Dave and Char were appointed as missionaries of the Reformed Church in America (RCA) arriving Taiwan (this time together) on 21 March 1982 and began to study Taiwanese language ready for ministry. During their years in Taiwan Dave and Char were blessed with two children, both born in Kaohsiung, (daughter) Katherine in 1985 and (son) Grant in 1991. David Alexander was recipient of Taiwan Ministry of Interior (MOI) recognition for long-term service in 2007 and 2015 and was awarded the Presidential Office, Order of Brilliant Star with Purple Cordon in 2015. He is now a naturalized citizen of Taiwan.

The years in Taiwan with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) Char Alexander served the Lord in the following areas:
1976 PCTGA Campus Ministries Summer English Program 8 weeks
1976-1977 Short term mission Tainan Presbytery Student Center one year
1978-1979 Short term mission Pingtung Presbytery Student Center One year.
21 March 1982 arrived Taiwan appointed as missionary of the Reformed Church in America (RCA)
1982-1984 Taiwanese Language Study
1984-1994 Shou Shan Presbytery Campus Ministry Center
1995-1999 Shou Shan Presbytery Evangelism Department Church Planting
2000-2003 Taiwan Church Press
2004 to the present (2018) Tainan Theological College and Seminary
2011-2016 Aletheia University Tainan Campus (Part time)
2007 and 2012 New Eyes Television, “Uncle Taiwan”

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